Lady Gaga Apologizes for Collaborating With R Kelly


    lady gaga r kelly

    Lady Gaga was receiving backlash for her 2016 collaboration with R Kelly, and the singer has now apologized for the track, saying she recorded it during a “dark” period of her life. She also says she will have the song removed from all streaming services.

    Here’s the song by the way:


    1. Most of black hollywood talks about R Kelly, nobody is talking about a rich democrat name Ed Buck. This white man lives in Los Angeles and has had several black men die in his luxury apartment. Rumor has it that the black men were drugged out hookers. Ed Buck is friends with Hilary Clinton and Obama. Nobody in black hollywood is talking about this, I wonder why?

      • U mean no one higher up asking questions.. He’s racist but like gay black young men.
        He drugs them with crack, X and watch them freak out and act out..
        Some die and there’s one that didn’t reach the newspaper.. Killary n Bill have 20 dead body count under their belt.. The last one was a black wealthy man was going to testify against Killary.. Then next thing you see is headlines saying a barbell fell on his throat and the man never worked out a day in his life… They all killers and the hate black people, but LOVE HAVING SEX OR RAPING A BLACK PERSON TO ACHEIVE THEIR GOAL OF SLEEPING WITH SOMEONE BLACK…

    2. Everyone been knowing about RKelly.. The rocker and heavy metal band do the same, they just not as crazy as RKelly is… They all have slept with underage males and females..
      Ask anyone to tell u the truth on how they got that contract to play music..
      All entertainment is the same, uhave to sleep your way up the ladder..

      • jimmy page, jimmy Seville, pete Townshend, gene simmons all into child porn and have been exposed but nobody can touch the rock satanic elite

    3. Gaga is all about her sorry ugly ass, I have never liked her at all..
      Gaga is a lying fraud, she was dying to work with RKelly.. Look up her old interviews, it was a chance of a lifetime to work with the talented Mr.Kelly..
      She would suck the blood from anyone she thought could help her ugly sorry ass..

      • I’ve never liked her either. I feel she’s totally unoriginal. I tried checking out her stuff & it sounded like a rip off of Madonna & stuff I heard before in the 80s. She can miss me w/the grandstanding.

      • white artists always needed somebody black to help them sell records she cant talk about anybody with her bisexual satanic wannabe tranny ass

        take her ass and serve Astarte or esther or shera whoever goddess or witch coven she serve

    4. She knew about his past..just like b2k already did..they didn’t care back then..only acting like the do cuz. Of the public reaction now..smh

    5. Once again racist Amerikkka uses black women to destroy a black man. How come so many black women are ready to assist white Amerikkkan devils destroy a black man’s life and legacy? Is R Kelly a saint? Absolutely not! He is a pedophile, his crimes were caught on video. Why is Amerikkka going after Kelly now? Why are so many black women against R Kelly, knowing they were stepping in the name of love when the criminal tape came out in 2002?

      PS: Aaron McGruder is a genius. I’m going to go watch The Boondocks R Kelly episode

      • Looka here You POS kell=pedo Dick Sucker…

        If he was Fucking little BLACK boyz would you be standing by him so tough? How about if he was doing this in your mom’s time and Fucked the Shit out of her when she were 14/15?

        It shouldn’t matter what sex of children he Fucks in OUR community for ALL of us to want to see him PROSECUTED to the fullest extent of the law.

        He STOPPED being one of us when he signed his life away and joined that Satanic Industry and you still want to be all on his Sack…when this MF has done NOTHING for you and NEVER would, except maybe Piss on you.

        I pray you never have a daughter because if this shit happens to her I can see a FAG like you telling her to suck it up then pretend like nothing happened.

        POS Bitches like you are the worst excuse of what a dude should be to continuously ignore how this MF has ruined so many lives and is part of the problem when it comes to the MANY issues we have in our community.

      • I Hope you do some Dumb Shit and end up in the pen, just so you can see what life is really like for women…because you def would wind up being someone’s Bitch.

        Then maybe you will get why thiz MF needs to Pay for everything he has done.

    6. HSK told ppl what’s really doing on w/this R. Kelly situation a few years ago. Do a search on him & read the comments. IMO, this is all about tptb. Pipelines. It’s especially interesting that before this ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ bullshit, there was a British doc done on him as well earlier last year. I think there may be a connection.

    7. Kells reaaaaally pissed someone off.

      They’ve done 2 British documentaries on him now A one that was filmed around the same time the Docuseries was.

      They ain’t even started with him.

    8. Oh bitch bye lady gag didn’t care! She’s only apologizing to make herself not look bad. Sadly Nobody cared because he did it to Aisha and not Amy. If R kelly doesn’t get arrested he will probably just go under a diffrent alias.


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