LA Rams CJ Anderson In Sexting Scandal With ‘Fat’ Girl


    la rams cj anderson sexting

    LA Rams CJ Anderson’s longtime girlfriend Raquel Torres is pregnant with his baby, but that didn’t stop him from sliding into a woman named Paige Gunnink’s DMs.

    Paige shared screenshots of their raunchy text convos that went left once CJ realized she had a fat stomach. He also added, “I don’t really do fat girls.”

    After exchanging nude pictures and offering to fly her out to see him, their connection turned sour. Gunnick decided to put him on blast after seeing an interview Anderson had done where he addressed his own weight problems.

    cj anderson fat girl

    You can read all the filthy text messages here.


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    4. “Cuz you probably gonna think I’m fat”
      “Let me be the judge of that”
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