Kylie Jenner Gets Dragged for Bogus Skincare Promo


    kylie jenner skincare video fake

    After making a killing in the makeup industry, Kylie Jenner now has plans to take over the skincare world, but online users aren’t feeling her products already.

    Kylie gave a tutorial on how to use her face wash, but she ended up getting dragged for only washing her face for a few seconds, her towel being covered in makeup after she washed her skin, and for using a filter during the entire video.


    1. She’s a billionaire who has had tons of plastic surgery and isent even 30 yet and still hates how she looks. How can you use a filter to show off a product? And too make it worst she doesn’t know how to wash her face🤦🏾‍♀️ I would never buy her skin care line in the first place

    2. Ladies save your money. Just do yogurt or cream face masks. Better than the expensive chemical mess.

    3. Them OTHER FOLKS don’t care how they get your MONEY!!!!!!!! LIE STEAL CHEAT KILL TO GET IT!!!!!!!!

    4. What do you expect? She probably doesn’t clean her privates properly. Some need to be taught proper hygiene.

    5. I’ve been told a lot of these women with long fake nails are not washing their behinds. I’ve seen women take bird baths and call it a day. Kylie will always hate herself because of what she look like before. She stills see herself as that unattractive girl before the surgery.

      • She is that same unattractive girl. If she took off the makeup and removed the filters, she’d look a hot mess.

    6. Bl@ck Women Jealousy Comments !!! (above and below) ~ P.s. 99% Of the Haters Are Wearing Weaves While Hating !!!

      • So is She, Moron…funny how you defend Build-a-Rats, given your issue with the FAKE.

        No one is more Jealous of women then You Bitch. No Real MAN comes to sites to Hate on Black Women EveryDay Saying Nothing/Repeating the exact same Comments.

        P.S…Your Mom, Granny Etc.. Must wear Hair Hats for that to be your Main Issue, Seek Mental Assistance, Only the Insane Constantly Repeat Themselves.

      • Bitch fuck you. How are black women jealous of this ugly ass hoe when she’s the one that gets lip injections, butt injections, hangs out with black girls just to basically become the culture vulture that she is. You dumb ass

    7. Nobody is hating on Kylie. She needs to know about proper hygeine. That’s all. I wonder what Travis Scott feels about this.

    8. Thanks to the others for bringing this up. HSK Staff, what’s up? 1st, for 3-4 days I couldn’t even pull up the site because of problems w/the server. Then when it finally came back up, no new articles. If you guys are taking a break cool, but it would be good to let us readers know what’s up. Please give us some sort of update.

    9. I wish Jackie never sold this site. It literally sucks right now. No new articles in two weeks. Damn!

    10. Oh well. Something is going on because my previous comment is “awaiting moderation”. Never happened with JJ.

    11. Fake nails, fake lips, fake hair (lacefront wig), fake skin yet she still needs a filter…Check video at the .34 mark. Look at all the makeup that came off on the brand new wash cloth but she woke up like that tho…WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

      Or stay asleep, pay no mind to the above paragraph, Hurry Up And Buy (in my best Asian store owner voice)

      (leaves comment box to scrub face with a lemon wedge, rinses it off with warm to cold water, towels it dry, and saturates it with castor oil) then starts Gua Sha routine…

      Ummm, that feels better, and I saved $300.00 by not buying chemical laden, hyped up BS the she doesnt even use…

      *try dry brushing too, learn to love your skin 🙂

    12. She’s too naïve to know anything about skin or skin products. She never went to phuckin’ science biology class to learn about the ins and outs of the epidermis. They slap her name on a box and sell it. FOH


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