Kylie Accuses Travis Scott of Cheating


    kylie travis cheating

    Khloe isn’t the only one getting cheated on. Sources report Kylie Jenner is accusing her baby daddy, Travis Scott, of stepping out on her.

    The source went on to say Travis postponed his AstroWorld concert Thursday night because of “illness,” but the true tea is he had to rush back to LA to “deal” with Kylie accusing him of smashing someone else.

    Travis denies he cheated, although sources say Kylie “discovered” the evidence and it led into a “major argument.”

    Just a month ago she was ready to get knocked up again so who knows WTF is going on…

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    baby #2?

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        • Thank you! Dr Umar Johnson is 100% solid. It’s too bad so many black women protest against him.

          • white women are worthless unless you put worth on them…most black men who date them are usually coons uncle toms or pookie and ray rays….


          • As a grown man, why do you follow any other man but Jesus. That’s so unattractive when another man follows another… I love me a leader not a follower.

            • Lovelylady a good leader was once a follower.
              Why do some women want a finished product not a person in training so you can grow together?

              • No one wants a boy who doesn’t know, how to discern Truth… Like your Rapist Dick Sucking Ass…πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

      • Hold Up let’s not forget this wench went behind bc’s back and fucked tyga…

        So anything that happens to them is based off their own actions…and their pimp creating show storylines.

        Besides, I would hope her “friend” has better taste than screwing this troll.

    1. The best way to destroy a black man is to hire a white woman to fuck him. For example, Tiger Woods in his prime was the best golfer in the world. His so called white friend Jesper Parnevik introduced him to a broke white bitch and Eldrick married her. Then he chose to fuck more white bitches, got caught in a worldwide scandal and he hasn’t won a major golf tournament in ten years. Tiger is a broken black man who will never regain the strength he once had. The beckys broke his black ass! Black men who fuck around with the devil’s daughter just don’t learn.

      • No one forces these dudes to Fuck & marry white, Shit they still choose those rats today.

        They should take responsibility for their Own actions and deal with the consequences, since they obviously haven’t learned Shit.

        In eldrick’s case he will Never be back on top fully until he leaves those demons alone.

        • Tiger would rather be broke and busted than date a black chick. His exact words.

          If it wasn’t Elyn it would have been another one just like her. She was a good wife and mother and she was a good wife. But when your husband id sleeping with 12 women at any iven timee it’s had to keep the marriage together.

    2. Do she have evidence

      Travis gonna learn about his cute little white girl who has more money than him

      Travis you just the buck who gave kylir her african stalluon fantasies

      Her dad more bitch than her

      • If nobody cared, there would be no comments. A lot of stories her have less than 10 comments total. Anything about the Kardashians gets comments.

        I promise you that if everyone stopped responding the stories would eventually stop.

        But we all know that ain’t going to happen.

        • Learn how to read most of the comments don’t even mention either person this post is about…πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„


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