Kodak Black Shoots His Shot at Lauren London


    kodak black lauren london

    Kodak Black went on Instagram Live and made some disgusting comments about Lauren London following the death of Nipsey Hussle. The rapper said he would give Lauren a year to grieve and will be there for as a friend, but he was happy that she’s now “single” and a “widow.”

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    1. I feel sorry for her loss but here’s a woman that slept with Lil Wayne.

      That’s a no for me.

    2. I know niggas felt this way because a so called light skinned goddess is available but i didn’t expect a celebrity to show his ass and actually say it.

      • Here we going again with this light skin BS. I guess if she was dark skin, no1 would have anything to say.

      • Goddess? You mean queen of all thots. She worked her way through all the go-go bands and then threw her ***** all over the industry like a fresh bag of cheese puffs.

          • Lauren London used to hand out coochie like Oprah Winfrey….

            And YOU get some pussy! 😀
            And YOU get some pussy!
            And YOU get some pussy!

    3. This clone needs to go back to the factory ….he’s malfunctioning already lol….they all do eventually….just keep watching 👀

    4. Well she’s one of those broads who will go with any MTF if there’s money involved don’t be surprised if she wasn’t fuckin this nigga when here dude was alive. Musicians.,groupies, trap mtfs, reality stanks, and Hollywood fuckniggas and fuckbitches are the funkiest and stankiest mtfs ever known to man I wouldn’t fuck Lauren London with a million fake dicks

    5. Yet Nipsey, a so called conscious, enlightened brotha chose her as his wife and mother to his children..?

    6. His ugly ass needs to stfu. I’m not famous nor rich and I wouldn’t even give this bastard the time of day idc how much money he got

    7. Lauren let wayne ugly ass impregnate her so anything possible

      If kodak money right hell phukk her

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