Kodak Black Clowns Tiny’s Looks in T.I. Diss Track


    kodak black tiny ti

    The online beef between Kodak Black and T.I. just went to a whole new level after Kodak released his new diss track, “Expeditiously.”

    Throughout the song, Kodak drags the Grand Hustle mogul and even takes shots at his wife, Tiny.

    “How you tell me what came out my mouth, you don’t even know Nipsey/Tiny that b***h ugly as hell, I don’t even want Piggy.”

    Last week, Tip and other rappers called out Kodak for making disrespectful comments about Nipsey Hussle’s girlfriend and mother of his child, actress Lauren London.


    1. Kodak is an ass but he told no lies. She does look like a piglet.

      If T.I. didn’t think so too, he would be home more.

      • Her looks has nothing to do with TI cheating. TI is a doooooooooog and that’s all there is to that. That being said, his cheating must not be a problem as she won’t leave him.

    2. By far one of the most disrespectful and ignorant rappers out here, he’s sewage. I hope he comes to Cali and get what ‘Big’ didn’t deserve.

    3. These clowns will do and say anything to keep relevant,except make good quality music.But hey if ppl keep buying/supporting that crap who is the real clown? smh #boycott crappy artist& their music already #readabook

          • Donna Summer,Chic..etc mho the 80’s was the beginning of the end of good music in general black music in particular

            • Salsoul orchestra via Philly sound via the Funk Brothers from Detroit(hope the last part right). All I know they played back up for Motown. GREAT MUSIC FOREVER!!!!!!!!

    4. Kodak has got to get got. Im all about peace and no black on black crime but this is an exception. We cant let lames like Kodak separate and disrespect the culture. You either with us or against us and at this point dissing nipsey, talking about lauren, talking about tiny and the kids, and giving that lame ass apology is not acceptable. He’s got to get got and I dont wish death on anyone but hes not a loss and hes against the culture. 6 feet under is where he should be. Fuck dat nigga!

    5. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Granted he’s ignorant. But I don’t think he has done anything where he needs to get got.

      • Yea it will hurt him and many have done less and got, got. He has continually been brazenly disrespectful, like it’s a joke, funny, disrespecting people’s FAM. FOCK HIM!! Can’t wait to see that Breaking News Scroll……..

    6. WOW. Murders, rapists and PEDOPHILES don’t get treated as harshly as Kodak on this thread. Even after reports of him being a rapist didn’t get as much negativity. Now he disses a white woman’s child, black men want him dead. Morally superior my arse.

      • Shit Black Women who have done none of the Above and less than this Clown get dogged worse, than this Bitch…so what he is getting is about Right.

    7. Why?……… So it can crack? That 7yrs of BAD LUCK…….. And by the look of things he already on 21!!!!!!!!!!!


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