Kim Zolciak Caught Photoshopping Her Daughter’s Butt!


    kim zolciak photoshop picture daughter

    Kim Zolciak was caught allegedly photoshopping pictures of her young daughter, Kaia, right down to the little girl’s skin and her butt!

    The differences in the photo were noticed when Kim posted an edited version on her Instagram, and her eldest daughter, Brielle, posted the unedited on her account.

    Click the arrows to see the evidence.


    1. A desperate attempt at staying relevant and young …..can’t model anymore so let her be the manager like some of the people she knows who have turned her on to the profit making abilities of family members

      • Her skin & clothes are darker and she did something to give that child a slight curve to her behind…all which was totally unnecessary.

        Next time she needs to photoshop before she sends the picture out.

          • Yeah I thought that at first, but noticed it could be the darker coloring that makes it look that way as her lighter hair in one picture could be making her nose look bigger…either way what she did is all bad…


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