Kim Says She Was High on Ecstasy When She Got Married


    kim kardashian ecstasy married

    The Kardashians must be desperate for ratings because they made Kim spill all the details about her previous drug use during Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

    Kim told Scott Disick and Kendall Jenner:

    “I got married on ecstasy. The first time. I did ecstasy once and I got married. I did it again, I made a sex tape. Like, everything bad would happen.”

    Kim was referring to her first marriage to producer Damon Thomas. As far as the sex tape, she was of course talking about the 2003 raunchy video she made with her ex-boyfriend, Ray J.

    Kim added that “everyone” knew she was high off X while the video was being filmed. “Like, my jaw was shaking the whole time,” she said.

    Are you surprised?


    1. Not really…its funny I told some one recently kim looks like she on drugs NOW…so if she saying she did it in the past….not that far fetched she still popping pills..didn’t mention rehab either sooo…..her saying all this is it for rantings..uuuuuu betcha it is..smh (whatever it takes..I guess)

    2. X is a drug to us. But in Cali it’s like weed to them. People that do x, don’t necessarily do other drugs. It was a thing in LA during the time she talking about. I never tried it but everyone I knew did.

    3. Girl bye she knew exactly what the fuck she was doing when she made that lame ass porn and got married. That family will do anything for money and attention

      • ><
        She's trying to distance herself from it. lol Please.

        Sober or not, she's banged like the whole NFL, and for some reason a lot of the men she messes with are bisexual. I guess she's the tranny they always wanted.

    4. All x does make you horny and dance all night
      Listen to songs you wouldn’t normally listen to

      Kim.doing drugs ain’t shocking

      She can suck my dick anythime

    5. Never marry woman or takes drugs. ie weed, x, coke, tobacco, they are usually bad mothers or give birth to terrible kids

    6. In other words, a fake ass white trash bitch admitting she is white trash! What pisses me off is that black men still lust over this ugly white bitch and white owned urban websites continue to promote and publish stories about her!


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