Khloe Flaunts New Cakes After Tristan Allegedly Gets Caught Cheating


    khloe tristan cheating

    A day after Tristan Thompson was photographed leaving a nightclub with two women, he was back with Khloe and pretending that everything in their relationship is A-Okay!

    One thing that’s noticeable is it seems Khloe may have plumped up her cakes even more. What do you think?

    Click here to see the photos and videos of Tristan allegedly cheating.


    1. What kind of man really wants a woman that looks like that?

      The Kardashians are experts at showing that you CAN have too much of something.

    2. What kind of woman wants a man like that? She should stop dating men that won’t be faithful. She has bad taste in men.

    3. It doesn’t matter what she does to her body she will always look stupid asf and being with that male hoe she is stupid asf

    4. Black men are a fucking joke. No white man or any one else for that matter, other than stupid niggas, would date Khloe Kardashian and Iggy Azalea. But dumb niggas do. I’m sick of seeing anything Kardashian related, why can’t you stop posting about them? This site used to be entertaining

        • You’re just pulling that from your ass, how many white guys have dated Iggy Azalea or Khloe? Why even come up with such a stupid lie? Those people are the bottom of the barrell, white men wouldn’t touch them with a pole, only stupid niggas and that’s who they stick to

        • @anon21:09 and those women are looked down on by other whites for sleeping with black men. Heidi Klum can’t find herself a fellow white man because they find her disgusting for fucking Seal and having a shit load of kids with him

          • You know this is stupid. White men actually pay Black men to sleep with their wives. You name one person, who probably doesn’t want a White man, as proof of an idiotic post. Black men are the height of male attractiveness /sexuality.

            • Are you really acting like being paid to be a Buck is something to be proud of?

              And you MFs have the nerve to call BW golddiggers…smfh.

            • @anon03:24 my point is not about how attractive black men are, it’s about how alot of them will wife up trashy white women who aren’t looked at white men. Why can’t these attractive black men get white women like Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Megan Fox, Jessica Chastain you know, white women who are actually fancied by white men. Instead they lust after Iggy Azalea or Khloe Kardashian, and when was the last time either of them dated their own? It’s because they’re considered unattractive. Like I said, Heidi Klum isn’t touched by white men because they probably think she caught some jungle monkey disease fucking with ugly ass nigga Seal. They find her gross

        • Grow a Brain those Bitches are low key hookers…the original insta Thots which keeps them in the headlines.

          You have three different dudes that aren’t k-him’s husband with her name in their mouth…if that is the kind of publicity you want more power to you.

    5. anon553 get your white opinionated ass outta here. WTF is a “jungle monkey disease?” You sound super stupid. The real reason (if there is a real reason) white men won’t mess with a white chick that has dated a black dude is because the pu$$y is too stretched out for them afterwards. Like taking your dick swimming in an ocean. So they go for the usual blow me or motorboating some plastic ass titties and anal. They wanna be master and dominate their slaves. They have to invent sadistic sex games just to feel pleasure (breath play, asphyxiation i.e. dumb stuff because no one wants their d) By the way stupid, Heidi Klum messes with a young white dude so your theory is false. Khloe just follows whatever Kim does. Stop letting outsiders come on this site and spew undercover racist talk and y’all don’t check they asses….

      • Truth. A white man almost told me the same thing re/ why white men won’t date whites women after they e been with black men.

      • “They have to invent sadistic sex games just to feel pleasure (breath play, asphyxiation i.e. dumb stuff because no one wants their d)”


        • @ 22:48 YOU AINT NEVA LIED. That’s the “anti-life” form for you. And these ignant nicca getting what little soul they have leached on by these devils.

      • You may have a point……..was watching the deuce and the mobster was fu**king a Asian woman……he told the pimps not to let her f**k any black men because they’re stretch her out………funnnny.


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