Katt Williams Fires More Shots at Kevin Hart


    katt williams kevin hart beef

    Katt Williams continues to fire shots at Kevin Hart in his latest rant. This time, he says Kevin is pretending that he’s popular in the hood but he’s really performing shows in Russia and Greece.

    Katt also implies that Kevin sold his soul, and says he’s been training with Mayweather in the gym and will knock Kevin out!


    1. While katt is more talented & can knock out him out verbally… in a real fight kevho is stacked & would prob knock katt THE FUCK OUT!!!

      LOL..had to say it…

          • Then what are you talking about? cause Kevin Hart is smaller than Katt Williams all around. Height, weight, chest, muscle. Mouth….. jokes, respect, the only thing he may got more than Katt is money. And Katt could make that up by doing some more tours quickly.

    2. I want Katt to do more shows. He’s funny for real, him and Martin. It’s said they don’t tour regularly

      • I don’t think it ruined his carreer, as much as it’s limited his opportunities. I would love to see Katt in more movies, but it would be hard for movie studios to get insurance on him. I don’t think Katt really gives a sht. Like he said, he owns all his standup shows. He can tour anytime he wants to AND SALE OUT.

      • Naw, the powers that be ruined Katt for speaking out against them. He didn’t go m.i.a during that period of time for nothing. I think he may have been either put under MK Ultra or tortured, cause he’s not the same.

    3. Katt Williams exposed hollywood and the boule down low culture. That’s why so many people in the industry hate him. Kevin Hart is the modern day Stepin Fetchit. That’s why so many people in the industry love him.

    4. Kevin Hart wore a dress and kissed another man on the lips. If you don’t believe me, ask Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

    5. just what we don’t need – two black male comics going at each other over nothing! No one is better. No one is on top in the system. Some performers just don’t cater to yt audiences.

      • Katt is definetly a better comedian. They are not on the same level…at alllll… you might want to attend one of his shows and then rethink that statement

    6. Katt acts like he hasnt sold his soul. Dude is raging drug addict. He seems pissed that he sold he soul and got nothing in return

        • Once you are in the game (comedy) your soul is gone. Dude is fighting middle school kids and acting all crazy in public. Dude is straight hoeing to self destruction

    7. Kevin hart and Tiffany Haddish have been hired by the hollywood elites for one reason; to convince black people to act stupid and ignorant. Unfortunately too many of us are entertained by their coonish, embarrassing behavior.

    8. Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish remind me of the characters Damon Wayans and Savion Glover played in the movie Bamboozled. If you haven’t seen the movie Bamboozled, watch that movie ASAP. That movie perfectly depicts Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish, minus the blackface.

    9. Katt Williams is a funny comedian bars none my only issue is that he seems to be upset at Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish for selling out or selling their soul. That’s between them and God. It never last, maybe they’ll have a good run but it for a season. Keep being funny that’s what you do best let the jackels be jackels.


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