Katt Williams’ Family Wants Him Sent to the Crazy House!

katt williams family crazy

After a string of bizarre events, Katt Williams’ family is finally stepping in and trying to get the comedian sent off to the crazy house!

But the comedian believes his family wants him committed so they can get their hands on his money.

Katt told TMZ his family is a bunch of “broke bitches” and that they’re trying to have him committed to a psychiatric hospital so they can take control of his empire. Katt retaliated by firing his entire team, who he claims was after his money, too.

The family tells TMZ things are much worse than the public realizes, and when the police raided his home in Atlanta, they found the comedian covered in chocolate!

Katt doesn’t deny being doused it chocolate, but he says it has nothing to do with him being crazy. Instead, he “likes a bitch to lick it off him before he gets f***** to sleep.”

Okay, then.


    • Katt said the first time he had trouble they locked him up and gave him special meds an till this day he didn't know what it was for now that's f*cked up when docs don't say shit coz been paid off!
      Effective crowd control!…

  1. I'll keep praying for Katt. He really is an awesome comedian. And I hope that he gets back on track.

  2. Keep thinking about that cracked out night he wandered into that hotel lobby with no shoes and underwear on. This negros wacky den a happy stick.

  3. Katt is a lot of things but "seriously out of his mind" is NOT one of them.
    He needs to watch his ass before they pull a Lamar Odom jack move on him.

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