Katt Williams Clowns Hazel-E: How You Light Skinned & Ugly?!


    katt williams hazel e light skinned

    Katt Williams unleashed his fury on his ex-girlfriend, former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star, Hazel-E.

    In the Instagram Live session, Katt says Hazel’s teenage ex-boyfriend is a killer, calls her an atheist, says she goes to Dubai to let men s**t on her, and wonders who she’s light skinned and so ugly!


      • Most ppl think being light skin makes them automatically attractive and hazel is one of them. Hazel e been using that light skin line since forever way before she made it on tv. If you knew anything about her, you would know why he said that. She only hangs around light skin girls, and uses that as line to get in these la clubs. So he letting her know you may light skin but you still ugly. Because she thinks she’s cute because she’s light skin with green eyes.

        • Pink, yellow and beige skin and eye color depigmentations indicate recessive genes from human ape Caucasians. Gene defects are perceived to be attractive because of effective Caucasian propaganda and marketing.

          • I have green eyes and I’m not white, neither is my parents. I’m sure some where down the line someone is, but I don’t know a black person in America that is 100% African. I know some Africans that are, but not black ppl

          • As a black light skin woman I am offended. Not to mention lets be clear on what the black woman can produce, in case you didn’t know a black woman can produce non mixed kids that look white, with all the features. All life comes from and thru the black woman

        • I don’t care for her, she’s not as nice in person as she is in TV. She’s approached us at super bowl and invited us to hang out with some Players and I won’t elaborate on what else she said. But it’s was very clear she don’t like dark girls. Anyway we declined. We had our own hook ups.

    1. Book about KW describes his harem of unattractive women and over the top behavior.
      Pimp Down: The Rise & Fall of Katt Williams Paperback – Aug 29 2011 …. Comedian / author, Darryl Littleton (aka D’Militant)

    2. What a dumb ass. Not every light skin person is attractive and now every dark skin person is ugly. This is one reason why white people will never take niggas seriously

      • In la, that’s how it goes if you want to get into a club. If you darkskin, you must be gorgeous, skinny with beautiful hair and outfit. Like chilli from tlc gorgeous and it can only be one of them in every group. They have to be out numbers by Moses or white friends. Other than that you have To be very light (not brown or caramel) and mixed. Most ugly light skin girls can slide through, if they are with other pretty light skin mixed girls and that’s what hazel e does. If you don’t believe me go to the fun clubs In la. And watch them boldly descrimate. It’s dark at night, so they can’t see what you actually look like, they just looking at who stands out the most. Now when the lights come on In the club, different story, that’s when they realize they need to start looking for beauty and not skin color.

        • Clearly you are someone diluted with the mutated dog/ape genes of STRAIGHT-HAIRED recessives from Caucasus Asia.

            • Never wrote that the anonymous ass was white. However, I’m willing to wager that that blogger IS diluted with mutated modified ape DNA from Caucasians and that it influences his anti-Black, anti-dark sentiments. Something in the blogger’s cells doesn’t resonate magnetic frequencies of non-recessive genes. Recessive traits are natural defections.

              • Or he could just be a self-hater…the same one who is always trying to start shit on here esp…with BW.

                • It is unimaginable that that blogger is a dark-skinned individual. A competent mind knows that dark skin is a common genetic trait of indigenous DNA (aka AfRAkan gene code) found among a global collective of autochthon ethnic groups branched out from mother-seed bloodlines in AfRAka. It’s nonsensical for a so-called Black person to label individuals with dominant gene traits as ‘blackie’. I suspect the individual is ‘mixed’. I don’t confuse mixed race with those of DOMINANT intraracial AfRAkan ancestry. Anti-Black, anti-dark sentiments is expected from those amalgamated with mutated DNA from straight-haired recessive groups from Asia.

                • Because while it may be unimaginable it happens daily…the only positive thing is its comments are getting removed more often.

        • No actually I’m not. I’m caramel. Same color as Rihanna and Beyoncé. I also have green eyes. I don’t have to be dark to see that some light woman are ugly too.

    3. If you are talking about an ex~you still love them…

      He must be salty because she does not want his midget ass anymore.

    4. He said that specifically to piss her colorist ass off. SHE makes it a point to babble about that, so that’s why he chose those words to roast her ignorant ass.

      He has the precision of a surgeon when he goes in on people. He was going for what would bother her specifically.

      • You two Sad Lonely Sacks have something in common two Hatin’ Whiny Ass Bitches…angry because you Suck in everyday life.

      • Yes, many comedians are equal opportunity offenders. I remember when I got roasted by George Wilborn while sitting in the front row of a comedy club. I knew that’s his schtick and part of his routine.

    5. No he didn’t say an over and under bite. Katt ain’t no good out here tellin all the business.

    6. Yet he was All Up in that, kept getting Back with her and is still trying to talk to her…

      This has nothing to do with comedy or being a comedian.

      Nothing but a Bitter Bitch Ass Nig…mad at the world, because he ain’t where he thinks he should be…that is the industry for you, either you play their game their way or you sit on the gram like this nig…crying like a Bitch!…smfh.

    7. My man been on a roll lately. He roastin’ the whole damn Hollyweird. I know he mad that she used to sniff up all the cocaine with that nose of hers.

    8. I like that Katt Williams is an independent artist and owns all of his productions…so he says. He is exceptional at factin’ and crackin’ on folks. Richard Pryor would be proud because that was his gift, too.


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