Katt Williams Clowns Charlamagne’s Makeup


    charlamagne katt williams

    Katt Williams is on the attack after being labeled “Donkey of the Day” by Charlamagne and the Breakfast Club back in September. The comedian goes off in a new rant and clowns Charlamagne and his “face full of makeup.”

    Katt says Angela Yee is the only one on the radio show he can stop him from going OFF, but he refuses to sit across from Charlamagne until he washes the foundation off his face! He also says “Charlamagne is a girl’s name…I think I got a niece named Charlamagne.”


    1. ???????????

      I think Katt should go…. lol he might end Charlemagne bullying azz career. I did not even know he wore foundation. Omg ?

      • It actually starts with some black men not wanting to be present in their child’s life and who is to raise them? The female so before u want to start blaming black women do your fucking research

    2. What happens when dark niggas wanna be light, welcome to the days of skin bleaching that goes wrong, EVERYDAYYYYYYYYY……………….

      • Kinda like Michael Jackson all over again. Some feel to succeed, a lighter complexion helps. Darkness is too powerful & intimidating, for some ppl I guess….

    3. I know for some it’s asking too much but do your homework on why some Black guys have the breed and leave mentality although numbers say it has diminished significantly. But hold on to that narrative.


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