Kash Doll Exposed for Lying About Her Age


    kash doll lying about age

    Kash Doll has been insisting for the longest time that she was born in 1992, which would make her 27, but no one believed her!

    Now, the truth has been exposed in the form of an old Tweet the rapper posted to her Twitter account. Back in 2013, Kash claimed to be 24. That means she shaved off a few years and will celebrate her 30th birthday this year.

    kash doll lying about her age

    kash doll real age

    She still looks good, but why all the lies tho?


    1. As a woman I would never lie about my age I don’t get it age comes with growth and wisdom and knowledge and that’s a very beautiful thing.

    2. She looks older than that. I can’t take any grown woman seriously that has doll in her nameπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

    3. Well, it’s better than all those white people that schemed to get into Ivy leagues. She didn’t hurt anyone.

    4. She’s still a superhot woman who was too intelligent for the strip club. Fine as hell but still humble. Ladylike. While yall mindless sheep listen to commercial thots like Cardi Booboobreath and Nicki Minaj i listen to Kash Doll or Rico Nasty.

    5. She looks older maybe late 30s … Im not buying even 30 and this woman DAMN SURE NOT 27!! HELL NOOOO! NOT EVEN 30 PLEASE! WHERES YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND NOT A COPY.. SHE LOOKS OLD!!!

    6. Jay, you a fucking self hating clown. The only black woman to look like a man was the girl you’ve been with.

    7. Wow reading this thread was shameful and me have a 8yr black princess she already talking about wanting straight hair and shit. Kash Doll is fucking gorgeous period 20, 27, 30, hell 60 she bad as fuck and from detroit shout out to my city. Let her get her fucking bag more money than anyone posting here. She wouldn’t want y’all niggas anyway lol. Black men y’all need to love and cherish our queens as other races do scrutinize when need but cherish. And calling her a fucking transgendered individual is despicable fucking clown just know no one here will ever breath her air so pipe the fuck down.


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