Kanye’s Leaving Kim?!


    kim kanye divorce

    Kanye visited his hometown of Chicago and made a surprising announcement to the crowd.

    Peep the video:

    What about Kim?! Do you think this is the end of their marriage?


    1. His name is Yasha/ Yashaya and the Father is the great I am that I am Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh.

      All other names used are Pagan deities.

    2. If he did leave, his sanity might be restored. Watch the money child, that’s how you were able to stay this long.

      • She didn’t even want to move to Minnesota for Humphries. So you think she wants to get stuck in Chicago with Kanye? Lol

    3. Kim Kardashian is a ugly white bitch. As a black man, I don’t understand why so many black men lust after that white bitch. I’ll take Serena Williams, her ass is real!

      • ..and you know the Crips already put out a warning to her and Kanye. She needs to stay safe behind those gates.

        The Game and his blood affiliates can’t help them now.


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