Kanye West Calls to End 13th Amendment, Captain America Responds


    kanye west 13th amendment

    Kanye West was off his rocker when he called for an end to the 13th Amendment – the amendment that abolished slavery.

    Chris Evans, the actor who plays Captain America in Avengers had the perfect response:

    kanye west 13th amendment slavery

    Do you agree?


    1. It is too early for this shit…my brain needs more rest.

      But the one thing they do need to get rid of the loophole in the 13th amendment which says being incarcerated means you can still be used as FREE labor = slavery…that is what we SHOULD be fighting to end.

      Why we never fought against that is what is really frustrating.

    2. I wish I had a time machine and was able to put this dumb ass back to the 1800s. Let him endure slavery and leave him there!

      • The kan-gaye of today would have never lasted…

        Interesting to see how this mind altered vegetable has turned into the real life version of …”Get Out!”

    3. Kanye just a rich black man married to a rich white girl and can rap that’s it nothing special

      The money, big head And access to all white women made him think he’s a god

      Comparing himself to rich white folks disney e would have degraded him

      Kanye turned into the pet negro he always wanted to be all along guess it’s true what iceberg slim wrote all black men sleep with black women til they get them a white girl

    4. I am not convinced this poor man is rich. If he is, they let him become that way and will snatch it away whenever they feel like it!

    5. Anyway, that French rap song that got banned or whatever because it says **** whitey, it bumps. Ngl

      Pendez Les blancs by Nick Conrad ??‍♂️??‍♀️

      • Yeah, they clearly performed shock therapy treatment on him back in 2016, and this is the result of re-programming gone terribly wrong.

    6. As long as the Rothschild owned Federal Reserve Bank controls America’s money, we are all slaves!


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