Kanye Tells Ariana Grande to Stay In Her Lane!


    kanye west ariana grande

    Ariana Grande made fun of the Kanye and Drake’s feud by joking about “grown men arguing online,” and saying their beef was taking the attention away from her new single.

    Kanye took offense and clapped back by telling her to stopusing him to promote her music.


    1. I will never feel sorry for or support Kanye West again. Bitch ass nigga turned on his own people and now he’s arguing with drake and white girls on Twitter he’s a fucking disgrace

      • so by using words he turned on his own people yet their are black men in these streets murdering innocent black men, women and children DAILY but they are considered gangsters and respected smdh. Negro logic is tragic

        • I agree, there are far more important shiit out there than Kanye and Ariana Grande or Simp as Drake and Travis.. Like Stupid Niggaz out there that are killing themselves or each other left and right… but the Koon Mentality is that those Niggaz are consider
          “Solid” by Niggaz out there smh the Nigga mentality smh

          • STFU Fool…

            It is lames like you who side with an afriKKKoon and don’t know what is really going on who have the ngga mentality…Fucking Moron.

    2. Ain’t nothing wrong with Kanye. They tried to clone him or do whatever it is they did to Gucci and it ain’t work. So now he still functioning, just at a slow pace. Brain got to recover.

    3. Kanye west is trapped in a crystal ball being mocked daily by the witches around him and he will not be returning.

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