Kanye Spazzes Out


    kanye kid cudi dancing

    Kanye is proving redheads have more fun! A few videos from his and Kid Cudi’s performances at the Camp Flag Gnaw festival in Los Angeles show the rapper completely spazzing out.


    1. He’s mentally ill, hates being black and allows himself to be used and abused – don’t let him use and abuse you!

          • No Chris, I just want to see Kanye pose nude as an extension of his creative expression. He might as well. He should show everything too; folks want to see if the carpet matches the drapes. All of his public hair glory. 😛 We’ve already seen Kim nekkid 100 times, now it’s Kanye’s turn! 😀

    2. If he don’t sit his asssssss somewhere and take a long time out……….Take several seats…….one for you and the rest for your ego!!!!!!!!!!

    3. The kardashians having a field day with him with him dumb ass sellout gon kill his mother he desrves everything thing thats happenin to him.

    4. Shiite, he gets a gold star from me. I’d have to be higher than giraffe pu$$y to perform up in the air like that. Anxiety is a mofo —


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