Kanye Screams at College Students In Bizarre Rant


    kanye west elon musk

    Someone let Kanye West in through the doors of College of Creative Studies in Detroit, stood on a desk, and told the students to “leave Elon Musk alone.”

    Musk is the co-founder of Tesla who the SEC recently accused of securities fraud.


    1. What’s he doing in Detroit? I thought he was headed to Africa to work on his album some more. Is this part of some loan repayment plan from Mr. Musk?

    2. This is a prime example of what is to be expected when you send the wrong nucka out for the weed. Sorry but nothing he says or does surprises me anymore.

    3. I imagine he is not talking about the kidz in the class leaving musk alone…

      Although tptb do need to leave musk alone, but why is he at some random art school in detroit?

      And who keeps letting him in the door to these schools?

      • The kids caption says Kanye told them to leave Elon alone, but I think you’re right. He’s telling people to leave Elon alone in general.

        • I know that is what the caption says…that is why I said that.

          Some people take things too literally, although with this nig…going off on his ranting spree anything is possible.

    4. He’s not a college grad nor is he really famous for anything these days other than being part of the KKKardashian fam. So why is he showing up at colleges to speak about anything? Back when I was first accepted into college, a celebrity had to do more than just make a donation. Any speeches had to be of substance, even if a random person may not agree with the stance (eg Black Panthers) and the delivery articulate. So glad I’m finally seeing that colleges are going to pi$$.

    5. SouthSide Chi…63rd, 87th, 79th (the Nine), 95th, the 100’s SOUTHSIDE TAKE THIS L…Get ya mans


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