Kanye Gets Reporter Thrown Out of Ralph Lauren Party


    kanye reporter ralph lauren

    Kanye West attended a party for Ralph Lauren. After a reporter reportedly asked him a question about Kim Kardashian’s beef with Tyson Beckford, Kanye gave an ultimatum: either the reporter goes or I go!


    1. I hope he has on the right size shoes this time.I bet his heels look like he works at the quarry with Fred and Barney…………..

    2. Um, he knew about her before he wifed that. People only know she exists because she climbed on Ray J.

      Imagine building a career on Ray J’s d***.

      And he still wifed. ?

    3. Really? I hope he doesn’t think he just did something.

      I guarantee there are 15 reporters out there that can’t wait to catch his a$$ on the street with this same question. I don’t get why he couldn’t just give some simple response and keep it moving.

    4. Tired ass queen ? thought she done something by having reporter kicked out plz fuck this queen ? Ralph should have told that queen ?2 leave his fucking party chipmunk looking bitch


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