Kanye Backtracks on Politics


    kanye west political maga

    After Candace Owens used Kanye’s design for her “Blexit” shirts — a term Candace coined to convince black voters to exit the Democratic party — Kanye has finally come to his senses.

    The rapper says he’s done with politics completely and wants to focus on his creative process instead.

    kanye maga


    1. Sounds like some kind of manifesto. Surely he didn’t come up with this on his own – just like all his other ravings.

    2. I bet Stacey Dash and Omarosa are jealous of Kanye. He still gets hugs from Trump while those old black chicks got kicked out of the big house, I mean the White House.

    3. Off topic: Hillary Clinton recently made the following comment; “All black people look alike.” Black media and black democrats are not talking about this. Then again, black media and black democrats are owned by white people.

      • No person with any Fucking sense supports the killtons on here so you really could have kept that shit to yourself.

      • Out of context……..saw the program where Clinton was being interviewed by white host who called Eric Holder Obama………then that’s when Clinton said what you said she said sarcastically!!!!!! I don’t know if the host was nervous but I think Clinton was throwing shade because we know those two don’t look anything alike.

        • Doesn’t matter she did reference youth as superpredators (some think she meant black young people) and she and her beard helped increase the prison population with our youth with their BS policies.

      • Bullshit! She never said that and stop repeating Fake News from the underworld known as Fox news! Goodness, Fox news got you twisted!

    4. Now getting back on topic……ITS ABOUT DANG TIME!!!!!!!!! Either he’s stupid or dangerous……either way he don’t need to be fighting any BLACK causes on our behalf…..THANK YOU


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