K Michelle Transforms Into a White Woman


    k michelle bleach plastic surgery

    K Michelle is looking almost unrecognizable these days. How did the singer and reality star go from this:

    k michelle

    To this:

    Make it make sense!


    1. And now she looks just like everyone else. Sad how the media brainwash people to do something like this.

      • The more realistic thing to believe is these people are Mind Controlled.

        There is too much video footage of them wandering off into blank stares, looking like that dude in Get Out, when their programming falters at certain moments.

        While cloning is possible, MK Ultra has been proven to be a Real tactic used by the gov’t.

    2. It’s either a photo filter, lighting, makeup, or she’s been out of the sun. It’s not like she’s dark skinned.

      • First off, there is nothing wrong with being dark-skinned…so you didn’t even have to throw that into the mix.

        She doesn’t look like the same person her nose is thinner and I hope it is all just contouring but her face looks strange as well…she was fine before and didn’t need to do anything she did… whether it is makeup contouring or a mix of the two.

        People need to learn to love themselves, because no one else will until they do.

        • You’re dumb.

          I said “it’s not like she’s dark skinned” meaning her complexion is light enough to change dramatically from more or less exposure to sun.

          Some black people look like a different ethnicity depending on exposure.

          • You are Dumb for even having to feel you needed to say that…Dipshit.

            And no one gets that much lighter from non sun exposure you Fucking idiot.

          • Also she does not look any where near the same…if you can’t see that you are definitely touched in the head.

    3. K Michelle is to damn old to still be so stupid. First off her dumb ass almost died from having silicone forced in her ass and now she’s bleaching her skin in which makes her look Ashy, Not white. The self hate is strong with this one. She needs to see a bunch of therapists because she is off in the head.


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