Jussie Smollet Hospitalized After Homophobic Attack By MAGA Supporters


    jussie smollet homophobic attack

    Empire star Jussie Smollet has been hospitalized in Chicago following a homophobic and racially charged attack, according to That Grape Juice.

    Jussie was brutally attacked by two men who beat him up, put his head in a noose and screamed, “This is MAGA country.”

    Sources directly connected to Jussie told TMZ, the actor went to a Subway in Chicago at 2 AM. When he walked out, someone yelled, “Aren’t you that f****t ‘Empire’ n****a?”

    The 2 white men in ski masks then viciously attacked the actor, fracturing his rib. They also reportedly put a rope around his neck and poured bleach on him.

    Jussie was taken to Northwestern Memorial where he was treated and discharged this morning.

    That Grape Juice also got ahold of a letter that was sent to Fox Studios in Chicago and addressed to Jussie. The cut out letters read: “You will die black f*g.”

    jussie smollet attacked

    Please are investigating this as a hate crime.


    1. Hahahaaa. This is all about Clout. Who go out at 2AM for food. And here comes Wrinkle Old Billy Goat Al.Sharpton looking for his 5 sec of camera time.. Liess! Clout Chasing!!

    2. Off Topic: This is a story nobody in black hollywood is talking about. Lady Gaga has been nominated for a Oscar for the movie “A Star Is Born.” The producers of that movie originally wanted Beyonce to play the starring role. Beyonce wanted too much money. The role went to Lady Gaga. Looks like Beyonce played herself. I wish black people would talk bout this story. Beyonce’s star is fading.

    3. Sound like something lee daniels wrote in a script, girl bye! Bye felicia…lyin ass stunt queen. Where the camera footage of them putting a noose around his neck? Really girl? And no witnesses im sure….he prolly got smacked up by his boyfriend, they showing photos of him layed up in a hospital bed with a paper cut on his face, like girl u really tried it but nobody watching the new season of empire i thought they cancelled yall ass anyway. Case closed…..NEXT CASE!!!

    4. It could also be ole jessie wasnt putting in the work @ the rituals they way they wanted 2 so sent them people after him…then he tried to flip it into something it wasnt to get clout….FAIL, EPIC FAIL….u wanna play with they devil u getss no sympathy boi

    5. Illumin@ti Gay Agenda !!!! (Crisis Actors) ~ P.s. 1 week ago Maga hat students Got Their Azz Kick By Hebrew Israelites And Native Americans !!!

    6. that’s the thing with these hollyweird people you never know when they are lying. If this really happened to him then I hope they catch the bastards that did it but these story seems sketch as fuck.

    7. I believe he was attacked but I’ve noticed that the Empire cast always seem to go through some personal trauma in their lives just before the show goes on a break.

      The end of season is coming up in March and Jamal gets attacked irl ?

    8. Who carries bleach at 2am in the morning? And what store is open at 2am in Chi town……in north chi town to make a bleach run?

        • So they waited til 2am with the bleach to attack someone……him none the less? Trying to get some understanding…..

          • I didn’t see any Bottles in the hands of the men they have walking on video, but they haven’t said if the images were before or after the attack.

            Honestly if it is those two it wouldn’t make much sense for them to throw bleach with them wearing all black…bound to be some backsplash.

      • Lmfao what person attacks people for fun.. Fools. So your answer is fools carry bleach and ski masks and attack people. Fools. Many of them out there. Perhaps too many.

    9. He might have been cruising for bussy and got robbed, or he Grindr’d and got robbed.


    10. It all does seem staged from the note that looks like it was written by a two year-old, to them knowing he was at a subway sandwich shop @ 2am (unless they were following him, but then how did he not know, people were following him?)…and if they beat him down like he said how he only has one scratch on his face…who knows.

      The truth will more than likely come out.

    11. I’m tired of hearing about this biracial gay. Actual black people suffer through crime daily. People who don’t have the money to escape it. People shut out of the American economy.

      Beige rage got robbed while trying to buy bussy at 2am in the Chi. That’s the risk he chose to take.

      And now he’s trying to hide his gayness with this DuckTales story.


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