Jose Canseco Accuses Alex Rodriguez of Cheating on J Lo


    jose canseco alex rodriguez cheating jennifer lopez

    Less than 24 hours after Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez announced their engagement, baseball snitch Jose Canseco accused A Rod of cheating on J Lo….

    So who’s the alleged side chick? Jose’s ex-wife, former Hollywood Exes star Jessica Canseco.

    jose canseco arod cheating jlo

    jose canseco arod cheating jennifer lopez

    Do you believe him?


    1. Men are so messy. J Lo knew he was a cheat before they got together. Honestly don’t think A Rod wants to marry any1. He loves his single life. J Lo probably brought her own ring.

      • Of course she knew… and she’ll stay and take it since she was the one who was chasing him, dumbrican Bitch… just like wendell williams when it comes to men, alwayz got to be up under one no matter how skank he is…smfh.

        • Dumbrican bitch………whoever you are… outdid yourself with that one!!!!!!!!!!!! Funnnnny😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. Off Topic: In white people’s news, a white bitch climbed into a zoo cage and got attacked by a black panther. I’m not making this up.

    3. All Hispanic/Latino/Spanish men cheat. And almost all abuse their spouses physically or emotionally.

      Anyway, CanseHo loves to snitch. The gay rumors must be true. He acts just like a messy queen.

      • So what do you know how long a go they did that song it came out in 2001 what the hell does that have to do with this story of the moment you sound really bitter and miserable.

    4. I’ll never understand Idiots who want to blame the messenger you MFs act like you don’t already know this POS is a cheater… all this dude is doing is speaking the truth…smfh.

    5. List of latin women who used the black community to gain money and popularity:

      1. Apollonia Kotero (Starred in Prince’s movie Purple Rain)
      2. Darlene Ortiz (posed half naked on Ice-T’s rap album)
      3. Rosie Perez (appeared in Spike Lee’s movie Do The Right Thing)
      4. Jennifer Lopez (Fly girl on In Living Color)
      5. Sofia Vergara (appeared in the movie Soul Plane)
      6. Vida Guerra (posed half naked for Black Men Magazine. Cult following with black men)

      My point is these latin bitches hate us but use us to jump-start their careers. Once they become famous, they turn their backs on the black community that made them famous. I don’t blame them, I blame the self hating black men who gave these racist bitches their start.

      • Yep. Latinos don’t even allow black people on their TV screen yet here comes the black man putting them front and CENTER on ALL OF HIS SHIT.

        • Spike Lee, Prince, the Wayans and Puff Daddy are self hating coons. They made those no talented latin bitches famous. Once white hollywood gave them lots of money and fame, those latin bitches said “Fuck you” to us and never looked back!

        • So true, shiit Latinos don’t even have positive black faces on Telemundo and all them other tv show n shiit, but black people always gotta be up on their trynna save these hoes by putting them on tv, music videos n shiit, dumb niggaz!!!!! The House Negroe syndrome is real yall!!!!

      • Those Latin women all f***ed the whole crew to get on. Let’s be real. J Ho banged probably all the Wayans, including the sister, to get a spot on the show. And she hasn’t stopped Weinsteining throughout her career.

      • Do you guys watch Corey Holcomb’s internet show? Darlene occasionally says the N word. Corey’s coon ass doesn’t say shit.

      • “Latinos” hate themselves. They abuse the **** out of each other and kiss white people’s ass in the worst way. They have no pride in their culture and think they’re European Spaniards.

        • I dont see the difference between Lationo self hate and black americans…like there are negroes running around crying for white acceptance despite years of mental, sexual and physical abuse smdh


      • Why should any black person give a single fuck about which lame “race” likes black folk? 🤣 They can go **** themselves with their dumb degenerate flat ass non rhythmic wack style hard face inbred asses. Don’t nobody care. 🤣🤣

    7. Jlo said she didnt fo black music when she left.puff and started fucking with ben affleck

      What has apollonia done since prince dumped her with her one hit wonder ass appolonia coyldnt sing she was only good for sex

      Darlene and corey is fucking ling as she suck his dick he cool with a few racial.slurs


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