John Singleton’s Kids Get Stiffed Out of His Will


    John Singleton kids will

    John Singelton’s mom, Shelia Ward, filed his last will and testament, and his 26-year-old daughter, Justice Singleton, will get his estate, which is valued at $3.8 million.

    John wrote the will in 1993 when Justice was his only child. He had 6 other children after her.

    But according to California law, the 6 children born after his will was made may have rights, and they could ask for his estate to be divided equally among the 7 of them.

    Sources report the $3.8 million is not the full extent of his assets, and he may have a trust and other assets not included in the will that could be valued at $35 million.


    1. I was thinking $3.8 million seems kind of low for his net worth. Dang, he had almost 26years to change his will and didn’t.

      By the way, in my opinion, his estate should be equally divided up among all his children.

    2. If the estate gets divided it will be drained by lawyer fees and court costs, then no one will get anything!


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