John Singleton Suffers a Stroke


    john singleton stroke

    Famed director John Singleton reportedly returned from a trip to Costa Rica and experienced weakness in his legs. After checking himself into the hospital earlier this week, it was determined he suffered a “mild” stroke, sources report.

    Doctors are currently performing tests on the Boyz n the Hood director.


    1. A pioneer in black cinema directing. We are losing so many of our geniuses. Everybody please pray for John Singleton.

        • As long as your Stupid Ass has been on here and you acting brand new.

          They ALL have to Suck, Fuck, Get Fucked to be Put On…Fool.

      • If Tyrese really did that, then you should question every black actor that played in his movies and how they really got their roles.

        Cuba Gooding Jr
        Morris Chestnut
        Ice Cube
        Laurence Fishborne etc.

        • 2Pac
          Busta Rhymes
          Snoop Dogg
          Omar Epps

          Can’t forget about the women that played in his movies
          Taraji Henson
          Regina King
          Janet Jackson
          I’m sure it’s more to name but I can’t get it right off top of my head.

            • Now I believe Tyra and Singleton were a real couple for a minute. Around the time he was filming ‘Higher Learning’. I remember this because when interviewed, he was always asked how it felt to see his woman making out with another dude (Omar Epps).

          • ALL of them have to do something strange for some strange to be Put on in the Industry in General…

            NO ONE gets a free pass.

      • Higher Learning is a groundbreaking film. Poet Justice is my favorite. He got some great performances out of the cast. Tupac’s performance was intense.


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