John Legend Calls Michael Jackson a Pedophile


    john legend michael jackson pedophile

    John Legend appeared on a radio show and talked about the HBO Leaving Neverland documentary that features some of Michael Jackson’s alleged child molestation victims.

    When asked for his take on the documentary, John said he believes the alleged victims:

    John hasn’t been holding back in 2019. He also called out R. Kelly for his alleged sex crimes.


    1. John boy will always be a scared little kid to me after he went on I believe it was cnn,could have been msnbc and admitted he was scared of white men “what can we do they outnumber us”. Goat sounding mofo.

      Lil bitch. I forget why he alluded to it, the circumstances but I’ve never respected this punk since.

      He and his ugly ass beard of a wife always have something to say.

      Reminds me of a comment Malcolm X made about Black entertainers thinking they are leaders and being looked to by the white press as spokespeople ie mtv asking Ja Rule about 911 on the day it went down

    2. John Legend is doing what his handlers/overseers told him to do. All black celebrities are under the control of rich racist white people. By the way, Mr. Legend is married to a white bitch!

    3. He aint say nothing years ago eben before mike died why say something about it now cause two gay ass whiteboys need money

    4. John is just doing what the white men are paying him to do which is help destroy his own community. Dumb ass nigga when they get sick of him they going after his ass too!

      • He got that EGOT too easy… That Jesus Christ Superstar bullshit was the worse, Glory was cheesy and stereotypical… Nothing matches the efforts of his first album.

    5. John Legend is a FTM female to male just look at it part of the system..his wife is a MTF male to female I have spoken do your own research.

    6. these fools want black men to be the face of rape and pedophillia when they been doing this shit since ancient greece

    7. Reformed are you really this stupid away from the keyboard. Your boy is doing what you put down,so who is the dumbass,dumbass. Either he is as you say dissin his own kind,or giving his opinion just like we are.
      You are too stupid, mother fucker.

      • These black entertainers make their shit known thats why they are alwaya getting caught….whitez can rape for decades and never get caught i.e catholic church

        • Do you know how damn stupid you sound @breeder?

          The Catholic Church got caught…shit is still coming out about them.
          Jerry Sandusky got caught
          Woody Allen got caught
          Roman Polanski got caught
          Harvey Weinstein got caught

          The DIFFERENCE, however, is that the WHITE MEDIA protects their asses even when they do. Yes, they report it, but they certainly don’t DEMONIZE them like they do black men with little more than speculation.

    8. I have another question for the schemers. Where is the photo of Jackson’s bedroom door with multiple locks? The cops raided his place. Where’s the photo?

    9. The accusers just clown themselves.

      Why sue for a bunch of money instead of trying to put someone in jail?

      One claims they were abused out in the open all over the ranch. I think another said MJ had a bedroom with a bunch of locks and several hall alarms. They also said he made them do drills for putting their clothes on. So which is it? Did he go to great lengths to hide it, or was he doing it in front of the hundreds of staff and visitors at his ranch who for some reason never saw it?

    10. He was doing it in front of the help and they did see it. His fixer Pellicano threatened them with death if they ever talked.

      Don’t any of you ever read the legitimate press? His former head housekeeper ha been taking a blue streak for weeks.

      Jackson was a very sick man. He had “weddings” with his favorites. It’s better that he’s gone because it is impossible to cure a true pedophile. In my opinion R. Kelly is not a true pedophile. His victims seem to be of the age of puberty. Jackson’s victims were below the age of puberty.

      • Everyone who “claimed” to have seen things including the help were discredited…

        Again my problem with both these dudes is they testified he Never touched them… And Wade even told someone people were trying to pay him to say these things and do a documentary before, but he didn’t do it back then, but yet he does it now after his multi-million dollar suit against the estate is denied? It all sounds fishy.

        I do believe it is possible men in the industry did something to them… But I’m still skeptical about their “stories.”…

        But since Michael was a victim himself and was a part of the industry, I can’t unequivocally say what did/didn’t happen before closed doors…I just don’t understand how as a mother you let someone lock a door with your child behind it and you not know what is going on.

        • Wade claims he didn’t remember the abuse until AFTER the Jackson handouts stopped, AFTER his failed Hollywood f**king for a come up, and AFTER his numerous failed attempts to cash out on abuse allegations through book deals and lawsuits.

          I can believe he was abused because he abused drugs and put his body parts in men and women in Hollywood. He has issues. The question is if MJ did it.

      • anno 21:37 LEGITIMATE PRESS ??????? Did you read the fbi conclusions?
        please tell what “legitimate” press sources did you get your info from.I’m not saying he guilty/innocent but if you weren’t there you don’t know.And to trust 2 crackers story when you know they don’t give a dayum about us coonin 101

    11. ^^/^^^ If Michael is guilty, why did the FBI, after a 10 year investigation, find nothing. Because of this I thought he was innocent.

      • The FBI is so thorough you best believe even if they didn’t have evidence and they don’t like you they “find a way” to convict you

      • I’m still waiting for photos of his multiple bedroom locks and alarm sensors.

        If what they say is true, where are those photos?

    12. John needs to humble himself. He’s gay and married that ole ugly clam face big mouth, to take heat off of his sexuality…just as aye!

    13. He has a beard bride and beard kids he has to have so gay ass undercover allegations waiting to come out

    14. What JL’s doing is what’s commonly know as meritorious manumission,That law dates back to the 1700’s where the slave owner/boss rewards the slave if they keep the other slaves in line.Now they(massa)uses entertainers,athletes,preachers,politicians,college professors etc to do their dirty wrk Dr Claude Anderson and many others have talked about this for years. youtube his name,meritorious manumission and do your own research on it.leave those sambos alone #staywoke #selflove

    15. ‘Ordinary People’ Legend is the archetypal house negro attempting to appear squeaky clean whilst thinking that his shit don’t stink. No mention of his past and intimate relationships with the likes of Kanye tho’. WHEN it’ll be his turn ain’t nobody gonna be checking for his uncletomfoolery buffoonery coonery ass.

    16. One thing that stands out is Feldman saying that he doesn’t believe MJ could hide something like that, so if he didn’t see it, it didn’t happen. Feldman unfortunately has had a lot of experience with these types. He’s seen them in ways few have. If he says that they can’t hide it, I think that says a lot.

    17. #mutejohnlegend for the simple fact that he’s an imbecile all you have to do is take the information from leaving Neverland and do a Google search on Michael & the truth about the allegations and you’ll get all the facts↔ not just Shi+ that has been made up ( for greed) he ought to know better than that, HE is disgusting!! Doesn’t he know they have been unsuccessfully suing the estate of Michael Jackson for the past six to seven years and all their complaints and stories are in the court documents so just compare them to the the movie and you’ll find it they are liars! John Legend is stupid!!
      John Legend know that they still have peel and Court coming up why do you think leaving Neverland came out this is to get a verdict in the court of public opinion so they can get to the MONEY!! Use your brain not your gut when you watching a purely pathos so-called documentary! People need to look up what a documentary is actually, it’s not the truth! #MJONNCENT ⤵⤵WATCH


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