Jim Jones Declares Tekashi 69 the King of New York


    jim jones tekashi 69 king new york

    While many veteran hip-hop artists have mocked Tekashi 69 every time he says he’s the King of New York, Jim Jones went on the record to agree that Tekashi truly is the KING!

    Jimmy blames it on the “internet” and Instagram era of music…

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    Y’all agree?

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    Is Jim trippin’?


    1. So rap has officially gone the same way as Rock’n’Roll. MNM is the GOAT, Drake the face of Rap and now this paedophile is King of New York and Post whatever that white boi’s name is, just won an award for best rap album and is recognize for innovating hip hop by copying the style of Jamaican rappers, which he lied and said he made up….wow.

    2. This is what happens black man when you play a part in shutting out your own women from hip hop. You thought the same mess wouldnt happen to you. Now the same thing you did to black women is being done to you. UNTIL YOU DO RIGHT BY ME, EVERYTHING YOU DO WILL FAIL.

    3. Tekashi fake blood, fake thug, he look like he ate crayons with his lgbt agenda

      Tekashi need to.give George clinton back.his hair lol

    4. Word on the street is that Tekashi is a rapist and pedophile. Right now, the higher ups r covering 4 him.

      • No one is covering for him, the shit is just not widely reported like it should be and people are too stupid to do research on these clowns, to see what they are supporting.

        He received four years probation with community service, which is BS and is why more sex crimes aren’t reported…because trash like this get a slap on the hand..hopefully he will fuck up during his probation, so he can get what he gave while in jail.

        • That is counter-intuitive to their master plan of genocide when it comes to the black race…so I doubt that is why.

          Also if they were really worried they could keep him segregated…accepting a plea deal is what saved him from jail time.

    5. getting real sick of jimmy going around acting like a blood…you know nothing about REAL gang banging! NYC or not…..just make some damn music..


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