Jesse William Gets Slammed for Insensitive Emmett Till Movie Ads


    jesse williams emitt till movie

    Jesse Williams is directing a movie about Emmett Till, and to promote the film, he tweeted a series of pictures of Emmett mom, Mamie Till, grieving at her son’s funeral. The pictures also included the Nike slogan.

    jesse williams emitt till

    Did he go too far?


    1. This is so wrong on so many levels. That boy needs to go back to school and learn before getting out here trying to teach somebody something.
      They call black mothers’ tears and pain for viewing – trauma porn.

    2. Disrespectful! He was cancelled after he cheated on his wife for a white woman and I know he’s half white himself but this shit is annoying with these so called “pro black” people that don’t even be with and procreate with their own kind. Donold Glover, Sidney Poitier, Harry belafonte, Amanda Steinberg just to name a few. Love whoever you love but don’t talk that pro black shit if you really aren’t about it. That’s Almost like praying to god and to the devil at the same time.

      • why is it that most racial activist are mixed. In jamaica there was a long period where darker skin blacks couldnt be elected as president or high public office even though the voters were dark skin. Very weird

        • Because they feel inadequate, and therefore use activism to try and prove their blackness in order to gain acceptance in the Black community.


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