Jay-Z Attempting to Talk Travis Scott Out of Super Bowl Performance


    jay z travis scott super bowl

    After Travis Scott agreed to perform alongside Maroon 5 during the halftime of Super Bowl LIII, Jay-Z is reportedly reaching out to the rapper to get him to change his mind.

    Jay-Z’s criticism of the NFL because Colin Kaepernick has not been offered a job since he began protesting racial injustice and police violence during the national anthem is the reason why Jay thinks Travis should pull out of the event.

    News of Travis agreeing to the show comes after sources stated Maroon 5 was “having a lot of trouble finding guests” to join them because “no one wants to associate themselves with the NFL” while Kaepernick is still on the sideline.


    1. Only in the black community do we believe that protesting and boycotting will do anything. Sad thing is that the jhooz clown us everyday and use these celebrities to give us a false sense of importance

      • They don’t give me nothing and I buy nothing they support..
        They talk about what we should do, they need to do what they trying to tell us to do.
        They are the ones making these designer wealthy above they wildest dream..
        Colin is during nothing but something for himself…. I don’t watch football at all..

      • Agrees with jst about everybody who comment,i stop watching nfl nba and boring azz mlb.The nfl loss my support years ago because of the CTE cover up,they(owners,entertainers& pro athletes)could care less about everyday people.

    2. Why isn’t Jay Z going after Cardi and Migos they’re performing. Travis is connected to the Kardashian. Maybe Jay and Beyonce are jealous. Mama Kris better make sure Travis gets those coins.

    3. If Jay isn’t putting food on my table, I’m not taking business advice from him.

      Travis better make that coin now before he falls victim to the “Kardashian Kurse”. We all know it’s coming.

        • No, but you reap financial rewards from the exposure.

          And you can bet that if they offered it to Beyonce again, her husband wouldn’t have a problem with it.

          • No you don’t.

            You get talked about for a minute and that is it. Especially if people could give a rat’s ass about your music.

            And she would not perform again with everything going on, even if they did pay her.

    4. The only thing Travis needs to worry about is showing up sober. Cause if he don’t, PMK is going to delete his a$$.

    5. How bout boycotting the NFL period. Most of the fans in the stands are YT and the players who suffer the injuries because of their positions are black. The YT men who hire and fire are called owners.
      And they ‘trade’ when they feel like it. Sounds like that ole time slavery.

      • True the nfl is slavery but dudes are getting paid. But the street is slavery also. But unlike the streets where dudes are killing each other and putting their lives at risk for 100s of dollars and sometimes even less nfl player get compensated big

      • Kaepernick lost my respect when he got in bed with Nike.

        You can’t talk about human rights and take money from a company that abuses human rights every single day.

        • You know those people they abuse?

          They aren’t pressed about what’s happening to black people, so I don’t know why any black people are pressed about them.

            • If you think that Kap is really worried about the “Black Agenda”, you’re still in chains.

              If he hadn’t lost his job to a no talent white boy, he wouldn’t have been “protesting” anything.

    6. Jay must have forgot Travis is with that no lip and ass without being built white girl. He’s also from the suburbs. I’m not saying all black people that live in suburban homes and go to better schools etc are like this but some of them don’t care about black issues tbh.

      • That statement could easily apply to all of black America regardless of economic status. Many black Americans are brainwashed, sellout, yessir asskissers who don’t care about black issues or progress.

        If anything, those “bougie” blacks from BLACK suburbs are MORE likely to be activists because they have the education to recognize things, and the luxury of time and resources to do something about it.

        But nevermind. Carry on with the narrative of the suburban blacks kumbayaing with whites.

        • That is hardly true…most of those “middle class” clowns forget where they come from when they get some change in their pockets.

          • 1:47 agreed 100%. (Black) history tells us that you are correct,i wish we would start reading some of it

    7. Hey Jay z, do you even watch football? Kaepernick, isn’t good, his nickname is daddy long legs and that was his first couple years, when he ran for first downs and was exciting, but now he just can’t get it done. Not really a good passer either. Maroon 5, is horrible too, how the fuck are they still torturing people with there music, the Lead Singer is just not cool, but theres tons of chicks who think Maroon 5 is good, god what a horrible world we live in.

      • Football is a “sport” that mainly consists of fat dudes running into each other. Being “good” at it means nothing, like baseball or hockey.

        Being a good basketball or soccer player requires actual skill and fitness.

        • Its only a small percentage of them built like that, which are the line, the people who stand up front.

          The rest of them running around, the QB, WR, Corner, Safety, RB, TE’s none of them are fat….. actually they are very much in shape. Especially the WR, QB, Corners and Safteys.

          A lot Basketball players in person don’t look healthy, they are overly sized like giants. Most of them not far from 7 feet tall, have to bend down when walking through a door.

          And for some reason they shouldsers be shaped like a square box.

          The only NBA player I ever seen that handle a normal body was Allen Iverson.

      • I know Colin career was done until he stirred the pot, and used blk ppl to do it. which bought him a couple years because the NFL did not want to seem racist. Colin is full of shyt. I’ve been around him. He used to hang around my homeboy and his former teammate Michael Bush.

        • Oh STFU you don’t know your ass from a hole in the wall & you def don’t know shit about football or why he did took a knee.

          For Idiots like you to talk shit when you do nothing for the community is beyond laughable.

    8. So Jay Z, why did you just perform at Cowboys, Redskins, Seattle Seahawks, The Browns, Rose Bowl and a bunch of other football stadiums.

      I think Jay Z just scared Travis gone get on, and bring Kanye with him and expand past you and Beyoncé. That’s what this really about.

    9. Man somebody tell jay sit his dick sucking lips down somewhere with his male to female wife fuck em all.

    10. Somebody needs to remind Travis Scott of Chrisette Michelle CAREER and what happened to it after the white house debacle……….And I like Chrisette music too…………

      • Women always get hit harder in these type of situations…he will be able to bounce back if he does it…if for no other reason than he is tied to the kartrashian-jenhim klan.


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