James Harden Dumps Ashanti for Insta-Model?


    james harden dumps ashanti

    James Harden and Ashanti managed to keep their relationship on the low for over a year now. But sources are saying their romance is over, and James has moved on to a woman with an Instagram model simply known as “Arab Money.”

    Harden reportedly flew to Miami this weekend to celebrate his new GF’s birthday.

    What do you think? Is his new boo a downgrade?


    1. First off she looks like a he with that lumpy ass disformed looking body. Second off that wall dirty as hell in that second pic Which makes me believe she’s nasty asf and 3rd of all he is a fucking idiot. Ashanti is a pretty lady that doesn’t look like all these build a bitches. And she has a nice natural body.

      • LOLOLO @ dirty wall,Ashanti may look pretty but if the attitude is fuk up she will get fired/stay single like the rest of the pretty girls with shddy attitudes

    2. That wall is dirty though. I would not be standing any where near that. But Ashanti a thot too.. because who ain’t figured out James Hardin not the type of man you date?

    3. Don’t worry…..a black woman will end up tying harden down.

      He doesn’t look like the swirling type.

    4. James Harden is one of the ugliest smelling looking MTFS to look at with that funky nappy ass beard, MONEY TALKS

    5. Thank you about the beard. That is not a good look to me. Facial hair is one thing – a forest on a face needs to be trimmed. Couldn’t be me with him.

    6. She probably needs to………she’s probably broke financing Nelly’s lifestyle and his girlfriends. She been with that little n***a for infinity and he breaks up with her for a third. At least Ashanti could sing alittle.

    7. Ashanti is fucking gorgeous! Unfortunately she is a hood rat. If she knew how to act like a lady, she would be more successful.

    8. Since when is Harden Marriage Naterisl??

      That fugly F boi is for EVERYBODY.

      He’ll trick some unsuspecting female at the last minute into marrying his ghetto hipster looking ass right before his millions are gone and she has an std she can’t get rid of.


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