Ja Rule Claps Back at 50 Cent


    ja rule 50 cent

    After 50 Cent admitted to buying 200 front row tickets to Ja Rule’s show, Ja clapped back in a series of photoshopped images of 50.

    He also had this to say:

    ja rule 50 cent beef


    1. Starting to believe these niggas really were a couple low key. Both of them are almost half of 100 and acting like kids. Something ain’t right🤔

    2. Awww, that hair color really brings out his eyes😂

      But seriously, he could have a lot of good with that money for the inner city youth smh…but I digress, its about tearing each other down not building each other up right???


    3. Ja Rule is not a fighter. He need to go higher Katt Williams or somebody to help him with his clap back.50 can be bullied back but it’s going to take someone like Katt Williams or, Martin Lawrence to have to do it. Heck maybe even drake or lol Wayne. But he need some help. He’s reloaded are super kindergardenish.

      • But in the streets Ja Rule threw real knives into 50’s pelvis. Threw real bullets at 50 too. That’s why ja still gets under 50’s skin. Ja is trying to live his life and 50 keeps interrupting it.

        • Hey I have never like Ja Rule ever, but I don’t like to see nobody getting bullied. 50 is walking around healthy, Rich and unbothered, so Ja Rule could not have possibably done too much of anything. If I was famous, I would have went under the belt, on some Tupac “hit me up” type mess, had 0 class and hit 50 where it hurts. Because 50 would’ve never went here with PAC , he won’t go there with Jay Z , Drake or lil Wayne, Snoop or nobody who can actually clap back and shut down his career. He picking on people who he think can’t defend themselves. So I won’t feel no sort of way if Ja Rule raises above him and shuts his mean azz down. God works in mysterious ways.

          • You must actually be Ja Rule. Because you can look at they Instagram followers and see they not on the same playing field. 50 is being a bully. Why would I know any facts about Ja Rule? He wasn’t a large artist when he was out and I can’t figure out what he think he about to do now. Heck 50 might be making him relevant, really.

            Put I can agree ja rule must of did something hurtful to 50 for him to even care this much about.

    4. What an embarrassment. I don’t understand some BM anymore today. Did social media do this to their minds??

    5. The title of this blog mentions 50 Cent but the post by Ja Rule explicitly has a photo of NBA Is Fixed. Ja must have several issues with bisexual males.

    6. black chile was the one who stabbed 50 after him, ja and some murder inc goods roughed Curtis up.

      yeah some murder inc goons beat one of those d12 members asses

      back then ja and irv had supreme, suge, and j prince backing them.

      when supreme got locked up and suge knight and irv was arrested around the same time for different charges ja rule was through and 50, em, and dre bisexual asses had a field day.

    7. I love you Ja.
      I want you back.
      Love how you use to bend my spine boo.
      Let’s stop quarreling and make love boo.


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