Iggy Azalea Keeps Performing While Backup Dancer Has Seizure


    iggy azalea backup dancer seizure

    Iggy Azalea is catching heat for continuing to perform on stage while her backup dancer suffered a seizure right behind her!

    Here’s a video of the incident:

    Iggy has since responded to the backlash:

    iggy azalea seizure

    iggy azalea seizure 2

    iggy azalea seizure 3


    1. Will never feel sorry for her. People so easily forget she called herself a runway slave master. Her backup dancer could have died and she’s continued to shake her plastic strange looking ass around like it’s nothing sad world we live in.

    2. She’s making excuses for her inexcusable behavior. Girl BYE. Go back under the rock from which u crawled.

    3. I think you guys are assholes because she didn’t want to make her fans sad that there not gonna be any more performances.

    4. So the airhead said u keep singing until the music stops.
      What a really stupid rhymes with witch.
      So if someone is dying she waits until the song ends to help . Damn and she wonder why she gets criticized.
      And Nick Young was gonna wife this fool,guess he’s dumber than he looks and sounds.


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