Gucci Mane’s Baby Mama Is Living On Welfare


    gucci mane baby mama welfare

    Gucci Mane’s baby mama, Sheena Evans is attempting to get an increase in child support for their son, 11-year-old Keitheon. In a recent court hearing, Sheena — who’s asking for her $2,026 in CS to be bumped up to $20K a month — says she “lives in Section 8 housing, is on government assistance, receives food stamps and is on Medicaid”… all while Gucci and his wife, Keyshia K’aoir are living their best lives.

    The suit states Gucci is making MUCH more money since the original child support order was put in place. Sheena also notes the $1 million+ the rapper spent on his wedding, claiming that’s more than enough proof that he’s able to fork over more than the $2,026 he currently pays per month.

    Do you agree?


    1. She is tripping. 20k a month thats not child supports that being a gold digger. No more than 5k a month for the child. These women believe they can use a child to live off good

    2. Off-topic

      I don’t know how dudes can be into white women. Whenever I look at them I get the sense their coochie smells sour, and they probably look like a pile of chicken cutlets when they’re naked. But to each their own.

    3. Well she shouldve married him if she wanted to be living her best life. Omg.. what’s wrong with these woman.

      Sounds like Gucci need full custody, since she can’t take care of her son.

      • Sounds about right. A woman should also have her own money. An increase is in order, but all he has to do is lawyer up and he will have more time with the child. I’m not sure if this is what he wants, of course.

    4. He’s eleven years old, so why is she not working? Food stamps, section 8, etc??? That’s ridiculous! She needs a damn job. I would have understood if she asked for 5k a month but 20k? That woman he is married to is way too smart to let that go down. Like someone posted earlier, him and his wife are probably going to file for full custody.

    5. Go on and go after 20k, she will prob only get 5 or 10k, but if blake griffith’s white Bitch can get 258,000 a month anything is possible.

        • No difference… You Dumb MF want to be mad at a Black Woman doing for hey child… But didn’t really say shit about that Bitch making Millions a year off that Fool… Ignorant Ass Fucking Hypocrites.

      • That white girl was already a babymama groupie with a former NFL player before she got with Blake who left her ass at the altar because she wouldn’t sign a prenup.

        Soon as he jetted she hired a celebrity lawyer but she didn’t get $258k. Stories came out later that she actually gets $32k for her 2 kids with Blake.

    6. See i would be like fuck my baby mama i would be more than happy to settle for 20k a month especially if i dont give a fuck about her.

    7. Disregard my last comment yeah gucci need to get custody of that lil boy like come one bitch get yo dusty ass pussy a job and stfu…. these lazy ass bms just wanna be pretty and be ghetto street walkin,burger king eatin, dust bucket, so icy has been ass baby mamas…..

    8. It is a damn shame that blaxk men think that if they are millionaires their black children deserve approx $66 dollars a day. That is what they think their black child DESERVES. I know people who spend more on their dogs. And anyone that thinks that is too much for a black child…KILL YOURSELF.

    9. Child Support states that YOUR child DESERVES to live at the same or like style as their parents. That means if the father or mother lives in a mansion then your CHILD should not live in a shack. What type of father would live a lavish life but wants the bare minimum for their child. Yet black men keep telling us that melanin makes them morally superior than the devil…

      • O BUT WAIT, IT GETS BETTER. Not only is Gucci living in a Miami mansion taking care of his wife’s kids by another man, but the mother of HIS OWN FLESH & BLOOD child is expected to live in Section 8 Housing aka Substandard conditions, POVERTY while raising his child.

        • So is she just going to hang out in the projects until someone saves her?! She needs a job. As a matter of fact…I’m sick of my taxes being spent on these lazy thots!! Ho go pick up a class, pole or something!! Making independent women look bad with all that damn begging

            • Not really it’s the Mexicans. I’ve been a government worker for the last 10 years and I have never seen a race get over the system as much as them..on top of that they dont pay taxes but run more scams to receiving foodstamps and Medicaid….get your facts straight its nor black or white!!

              • BS they aren’t the majority collecting, and plenty of them commit fraud with it too…

                Mex and other illegals do pay taxes & don’t get shit back because they are illegal and can’t claim them… I don’t know how you are a govt worker and don’t know that… You should be fired, for being an imbecile.

    10. These same men, like Gucci, see nothing wrong, or feel no shame that they would rather spend their money towards the purchase of high end cars, expensive clothes, $1 million weddings = white people, but think a black man is a simp if he invested that same amount of money to IMPROVE the life of a BLACK CHILD. Make it make sense

    11. When will black men use their melanin and realise that if their baby mamas are suffering then their child will suffer too. If mama isn’t happy then no one will be happy. But then the world sees how black men treat black women and black children. Not one black run country = shithole, provides social security for black women and children.

    12. This no faggot. I am a black woman who was told by black men that black men were Kings and Protectors. Yet their white daddy has to force them to look after their children and if there is no white daddy, they will drive round in foreign cars whilst black children starve to death.

    13. Unless their son is a disabled special needs child, why does the child need $20k a month. All Gucci needs to do is add the kid to his health insurance, create a trust fund for inheritance, start a 529 college savings plan, and purchase a condo or small comfortable home for his son that is in the baby mamas price range for expenses through a trust to prevent the baby mama from selling it.

      Once he does that the mom can afford to do her equal part since they both parented the child. He chose to spent money her earned on a 1 million dollar+ wedding (foolish unless he found a way to get tax right off/credit). Otherwise he has the right to do as he pleases with his finances. As long has his chil/children are safe and taken care of.

      The mother is abled bodied she needs to be employed to provide for herself.

      • I believe the child is disabled. But you making it sound like it is that easy. This child is 11 years old and the Gucci we talking about now is not the Gucci who impregnated this woman. This woman may not have been in a position to better herself as she is currently living on section 8 and receives food stamps. Let’s not forget the time he spent behind bars where she may not have received child support at all. His hard earned money deserves to better the life of his child as well. I mean is he not a human too? Why do you people not see that what he is doing is wrong? It’s okay for his disabled son to be on section 8 while he lives in a mansion? How do you not see the issue with this??

        • She earns $39,000 after taxes from her full time job. Gucci Mane son is not disabled doesn’t have special needs.

          • 39,000 aint shit and is not enough to raise a child and pay all your bills with money left over. PERIOD

        • So he should put his baby mama in a mansion?? You sound dumb. If you want him to live a certain way, that your lazy azz can’t afford, then give him to the parent that can provide it. But no…you think you deserve payment for bussing it open raw. It’s not about you. At all. Go to school and man up or just take your Instagram pictures wearing the lastest from Fashion Nova

          • No you sound dumb because no-one said put the mother in the mansion. We are saying if he aint gone give her more money then he needs to take the child. But clearly he aint trying to do that if she begging for more money.

        • All that furking and you live in section 8?? Girl your stuff is garbage and it looks as though you’re gonna have to get a job honey boo boo

      • I cannot imagine that the mom could complain IF Gucci did all that. I can’t imagine that he is going to seek custody though. Doesn’t his wife have a bunch of school aged children that don’t even live with them.?

      • So are you telling the world that a BLACK CHILD is not worthy or deserves to have access to $20k a month from their rich father. KILL YOURSELF.

        • Get off of blogs and get a job. He owes you nothing. Let him put it in a savings account so your ghetto ass won’t be spending it on ratchet lace fronts

          • The child needs assistance EVERYDAY Fool… So he should be paying for his care NOW… And should have a fund for him to go to college in the future.

        • The responsibility of her to provide for herself lies solely on her. She could seek better in employment, give Gucci primary custody, stop having children out of wedlock that she can’t physically, emotionally, financially afford. Gucci and fathers in general are not to foot the bill for the lifestyle of some lazy welfare queen stereotypical woman of any race be it Black Women, Marias, Mei Lings, or Beckies.

          If this man didn’t have money her ass would try to demand the type of payout. She’s trying to hustle tax payers and her ex. I hope the judge grants the request but requires Gucci to put it in a trust fund that neither he nor her can withdraw from and it’s turned over in an annuity when the child is 18. Or the judge grants child support of 20k to be split equally by them both.

          And to the overly emotional individual moaning about a black child having access to wealth. He has access and the rights to his father providing for him. It’s not for the babymama. A package deal = marriage she should have been a wife instead a babymama to more than one dude.

          • Shut Up Bitch. She has pretty much been that child’s Sole Provider for 11 years it is time for this MF to come out if pocket and take some responsibility.

            His child should have access to everything the thing he married children who aren’t his, have access to.

                • My parents are married never been on welfare. We did stop renting to hoodrat section 8 tenants though.

                • Amazing you stereotypical females are all the same. It’s funny you tried to use the shaming tactic of calling a bio hetero woman gay. F

                • I stand by my statement that you wish You were a Woman…Yet you are that stereotypical low-grade female you talk about…that is why you are so pissy.

                  No Real Man wants you because you have a Busted Face and Disposition. Since you can’t change your Face work on your Stank Attitude.

                • Again…you haven’t said thank you for my tax dollars housing, clothing, and feeding you…That’s rude.

                • Actually you’re incorrect but I could trace your digital footprints access your info and so a side by side compariaon for the world to see if you’d like.

                • Feel free You Fake Foul Fugly Chickenhead Bitch… You don’t Scare me… Well I am sure if I saw your face that would change ????.

                  And I know I am Right, your Stank Ass is SHOOK! And that Only happens when the Truth is Told…????????????.

      • You should also ask why anybody, including a black man needs $20k a month or a $1 million wedding. When are you simpletons going to realise that the mother and child are a package deal. And then you wonder why black men are being sold for $400 in 2018 and no one cares and no rescue party will be arranged. WE SEE YOU.

      • Equal part……? Who is there 24/7. Preparing the meals, making sure he washes and brushes his teeth. Is there to provide emotional support. Is cleaner, nurse, maid, counsellor, chauffeur, dish washer, etc… When was the last time Gucci seen his son, took him to dentist and hospital appointments…….about equal part… Do you know how much all these services costs on the open market. I know what mothers do is worth more than $20k a month. Providing finances is only a small part of the equation. This is why I refuse to live in any country run by black men they are IDIOTS and no amount of melanin is gonna save them from their foolishness.

        • Gucci Mane is not responsible for her going on welfare and having other children she can’t afford to take care of. She’s trying to hustle him out of 20k monthly because she chose to be a baby mama welfare queen stereotype instead of a wife.

          • And Gucci chose her, with all her ALLEGEDLY …..because black men are notorious liars…. bad qualities, to be the Mother to his CHILD. The child and mother is a packaged deal. A BLACK CHILD IS WORTHY AND DESERVES THE BEST LIFE POSSIBLE, $20K a month and much, much more from his RICH daddy who has no problem in giving the ywhte devil much, much more when he paid for a $1million wedding and the MANY high end cars and mansions. THE BLACK MAN, KANGS AND PROTECTORS ARE JEALOUS THAT HIS BLACK CHILD AND BLACK MOTHERS DESERVES MORE AND ARE WORTHY OF MUCH MORE.

            • Gucci should have chosen better….isn’t that something black men say to black women? You pick him/Gucci picked her.

              • Yes he did. He knew this broad would probably poke holes in the condom and do a handstand with her legs crossed for an hour.

                He knew it. But he ran in there anyway like it was a Jordans half off sale.

            • The child deserves EQUALLY responsible and accountable parents that provide equally. If she wanted to acquire wealth she can get up off her but and obtain it for herself. If she wanted to be protected and provided for she should have been a stay at home wife and mother. $60k her earned income plus child support is enough for her and the son. Her other kids are her and their clearly deadbeat dads responsibility. Not the states. Not Gucci.

        • Their are many everyday black men(like myself)who has/is emotionally& financially caring for their children even though we aren’t with the mother,please do not judge us with lame azz entertainers

    14. And then the black man is the first to scream to the world that he deserves equal opportunities….but then out of the side of their mouths they believe their children should only survive/receive the BARE MINIMUM, even though they have access to millions. Pot calling kettle black. That alone tells the world that black men are TRASH.

    15. Yet if their ywhte daddy used the same logic, black men use to justify why black children dont deserve to have access to their fathers wealth, that because Gucci is a black man, he doesnt deserve/or is only worthy of the bare minimum required to survive and nothing more, these same men will be whining like the duck niggas they are. A DUCKING DISGRACE TO THE BLACK RACE.

    16. You should also ask why anybody, including a black man needs $20k a month or a $1 million wedding. When are you simpletons going to realise that the mother and child are a package deal. And then you wonder why black men are being sold for $400 in 2018 and no one cares and no rescue party will be arranged. WE SEE YOU.

        • So blaxk man logic states its fine to splurge $1-2 on a car or a wedding but don’t you ever dare, invest that much money into your BLACK CHILDREN. Infact $66 dollar a day is way too much money for a BLACK child. Ducking idiots….


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