Is the Gucci Ban Still On? Snoop Needs to Know & 50 Cent Weighs In


    snoop dogg gucci ban

    Snoop Dogg took to his Instagram to inquire about the Gucci ban “we” are supposed to be following.

    In an Instagram video, Snoop asked:

    “I seen some n****s wearing Gucci the other day so is the ban off or not? Y’all gotta let me know because I got a buncha s**t in here I ain’t give away yet. N****s wearing Gucci again or not? Cuz y’all ain’t say nothing about the n****s that had it on the other night. If I wear it, y’all gone talk s**t?”

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    Gucci 🤷🏽‍♂️🤣🤣

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    50 Cent hit his comments section with the answer:

    50 cent snoop dogg gucci ban

    (P.S. That’s an old picture up above of Uncle Snoop in the Gucci ‘fit).


    1. Haha Big unc snoopy.!!! I don’t even know why we on a Gucci ban, either😂😂🏁. Check with TI and find out if it’s over, I think he the one started it.

    2. Boycott Snoop! Boycott Mayweather! Boycott Rihanna! Fuck any black celebrity who doesn’t support black owned businesses. #BuyBlack

      • It ain’t about TELLING You Shit, it’s about letting them know who has the purchasing power.

        That is what is wrong with Nigs Today No Loyalty or Solidarity to make these Fools understand we Don’t Need to buy their Shit and for those who ever did buy that trash, why they should have NEVER bought it.

    3. The boycott against HUCCI is still in effect.

      You don’t need labels to be fly anyway. It’s not about the label. You can be fly in a faux fur coat or cheap jeans.

      • Many yng black people have lost the sense o originality/self mho. I was watching YT soul train line vids (70’s-80’s) lean,original,natural,beautiful black people !!! where did it go? stevie wonder “i wish”
        soul train line “mighty mighty” ewf

    4. And let’s bring back the Fubu and Karl Kani and Sean John and Phat Farm. Ruthell Thimmons makes nice polos.

      • that was my s#$# the only clothes that fit me right! And they sold out!….Well Kani is still in business in europe, look it up…..He said his mistake was offering a lower cost to some of his clothing and people thought it was cheap and didn’t buy…How about that for sleep folks…smh

        • Fubu n SeanJohn was all I purchased for my son, also I only buy on sale, clearance or red tag.. RIP my father told all of us, only a damn fool pay full price for anything.. Everything is negotiable and it has served me well in, car, furniture, clothing, appliances anything that cost you money.. it doesn’t hurt to ask 20/30% off of something that not in sale.. They can only say one thing yes or no.

        • That’s what’s wrong with Blackdumb as people.. Their money is on their back and the car they drive.. Their house is holding on with safety pins, cardboard Windows, no air, but they have every new game, gaming systems to play it on..Fake ass hair, nails, eye lashes, asses etc.. Wonder why they don’t have $100 saved trying to keep up with world..Gucci, and all the rest would be out of business if they were waiting on me to buy something… I make the clothes I wear look good, I dress for my body and f*ck the the latest trend..

    5. Lolo @ snoop ol azz .Man you old enough to be a member/subscribe to ARRP
      smh @ mofos being relevant at any cost

      • His “old” ass can rhyme circles around these mumble mush mouth ignant crackhead “rappers” out now. If Snoop really wanted to, he could snatch a spot in mainstream, but he’s paid, so he just has fun and does whatever.

        • Please that nig…couldn’t buy a hit today.

          He had his time and now it’s over…I don’t even know if hip hop in general can be revived with all the BS they have out there now.

        • Who cares if that ol azz negro can still rap,What has he did for the black ppl who have spent millions supporting him black ppl really need to wake the hell up stop being a sucka

    6. Black people are obsessed with Gucci, a brand that has no connection with them and is owned by racist Italians who showed you what they think about you, but that’s not gonna stop niggaz from wearing. White people know black people have so much self hatred, they can spit in your faces and you won’t react. It’s sad

    7. All these niggas care about is wearing these faggety ass brands he would have been shot for wearing when we was in the hood

      • Snoop.needs to gobake a cake with his sugar Mama Martha Stewart the American dream

        You too can be a poor black.boy in the hood who.sells drugs becomes a gangster rapper to end up cooking with wrinkled white women when you don’t scare whites no more

          • Why they gotta be mad?

            Not everybody gotta like this coon.

            You ain’t ask that on the future baby mama thread where people said waaaayyyy worse shit, just because that chick has his child..such a BS double standard between men/ women on here on who can say what about who…FOH.

            • We don’t go to the mall
              We don’t go out to eat eat eaaaaat
              All that we ever do
              Is play in the sheets sheets sheeeeeets


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