Gloria Allred Holds Picture of LL Cool J During R Kelly Press Briefing


    gloria allred ll cool j r kelly

    Gloria Allred got her black guys mixed up when she held up a picture of LL Cool J while standing next to R Kelly’s alleged victims.



    1. Gloria ain’t right, she did that shyt on purpose, sending a message KNOWING she KNOW the real deal with LL OR she just think all black folk lookalike.

    2. And if Gloria didn’t know who was in the picture her client surely did. Gloria needs to go sit her old messy a$$ down somewhere.

    3. I never trust anyone associated with Gloria Allred.

      She goes and finds the most b*llsh*t cases and runs with them.

    4. Fact: The feminazis are the 21st century version of the Ku Klux Klan (Minus the white bedsheets). Gloria Allred is the unofficial Grand Wizard!

          • I agree! Democrats have an agenda against men. Check out the #HimToo Movement on Facebook. I suggest men watch their every step with women because it is guilty until proven innocent not vice versa. When they went after now Justice Kavenaugh (An all American white man) I knew it was a wrap for black men.

    5. Oh yes he does……i dare him 2 sue. Hes been bout that life. (In Oprah voice) “but their time is UP!!, their time…IS UP!!!”

    6. So our KANGS, the PROTECTORS of black women and children think it is a very bad thing for rapists and paedophiles to be brought to justice. We all know melanin makes black men morally superior to the devil… what is the black men’s excuse for not defending black children…..

    7. They should be ashamed that only the so called devil will DEFEND AND OR PROTECT black children…..where are our KANGS AT…..WHERE ARE THE PROTECTORS OF CHILDREN AND WOMEN. …. They’re busy defending wickedness, rapists and paedophiles….. yet they keep telling me that the ywhte man is the devil….SMH.

    8. Meanwhile in Africa, in 2019, black men can still marry/rape children. They call it TRADITION over there, whilst the so called devil has made it a crime. Yet blaxk men are only mad because the ywhte man gets away with his crimes. They care NOTHING about the rape of black children, hence in 2019, They can still marry/ rape children then they wonder why they’re the face of this crime…SMH.

      • Don’t compare afriKKKants of today to us… First off they are hamites we are Hebrew, so we are not the same people.

        Bad things happen to people of every race… But when it comes to Pedophilia no group is worse than caucasiods.

    9. Whilst Jefferson was raping black women, black men were also raping black women. Yet they want the world to believe only the founding fathers were rapists. The truth is that black women and children were being raped by Massa and by black male slaves. And both got away with their crimes.

    10. The feminazi Gloria Allred is one of the biggest most visible enemies of black Americans. Unfortunately many black women choose to stand by the feminazis in the ongoing destruction of black men and the black race. These black women are filled with self hatred and ignorance of black history and American history. Gloria Allred is just and racist and ugly as Margaret Sanger. If you don’t know who Margaret Sanger is look her up.

    11. Gloria Allred is the Head puppet master …. She pull all her puppets strings and the jump and skip and do what this demonic demon tel he to do. Crumble puppet master crumble…. And your puppets will crumble as well one by one.


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