George Zimmeran Threatens to Feed Bey & Jay-Z to Gators


    george zimmerman beyonce jay z gators

    During the filming of the docuseries Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story, George Zimmerman allegedly made threats against Beyoncé and Jay-Z – the co-producer of the series.

    In a series of text messages obtained, Zimmerman called Beyoncé a “broke w***e” and promised she and Jay would “find themselves inside a 13-foot gator.”

    The threats to their lives will appear in the upcoming finale of the six-part documentary series. The messages were sent when Zimmerman was contacted by Dennis Warren, a private investigator who was tracking down potential participants for the series. Warren later said he received hundreds of harassing messages and voicemails from the Zimmerman.

    The final episode of the six-part docuseries will premiere on Monday at 10:00 PM ET on the Paramount Network.


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