Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade Welcome Baby


    gabrielle union dwyane wade baby

    Gabrielle Union took to Instagram on Thursday to announce she and her husband, Dwyane Wade, are the parents to a baby girl.

    They did not disclose the child’s name, but they did reveal the baby was born via surrogate.

    This is their first child together and D-Wade’s fourth.



      • No offense, but her eggs are prob rotten/dried up…but maybe they found a few viable ones in there somewhere or made her take shots to increase production to try & produce some…*shrugs*.

    1. She broke up somebody’s home! And his ex is living without their children so he doesn’t have to pay child support!!!!!!! Man please……..

    2. Whyyyyyyyyyyy when they are about to get divorced?? Blind Gosdip, CDAN already reporting this reformed mean girl and Ge are splitsville if not already…

      This. Is. Staged.

      And did they turn their marriage license in????


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