Gabrielle Union Attends Gay Pride Parade With Dwyane Wade’s Son


    dwyane wade son gay pride

    Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s son Zion (the same one who sashayed his way down the runway) attended a gay pride event over the weekend.

    Of course, social media users are already bashing the Wades for letting 11-year-old Zion go to the event. But shouldn’t Gabby and D Wade at least get props for supporting him 100%?


    1. Proverbs 6:26-For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life.

      Magic gave his son to promote homosexual sickness among young black males. The jezebel spirit (Gabrielle) has seduced Wade to do the same to his son. Where is his REAL mother figure???

      • Good job breaking down that scenario. Gabby is the modern day Jezebel. D Wade made a big mistake fucking with her.

        • In that case ALL MEN have the Jezebel spirit. Pot calling kettle black. As if your body count or her husband’s isn’t greater than Gabby’s.

      • The judges in Chicago took those boys away from their real mom Siohvaughn Funches Wade & gave them to Dwayne Wade. When he was with his first wife, his dress was “pimp” like, but he dressed like a man. Dwayne got with Gabby & he dresses like a faggy.

        • Ms. Funches and her family has done so much for Mr. Wade but all he did was toss her aside like yesterday’s trash. I bet nobody bothered to ask his REAL mom what she thought about him going to a parade……… I see he didn’t bring his son to the parade……ain’t all THAT proud!!!!!!#STOP WITH THE MADNESS

          • Or maybe, JUST MAYBE, theyre supporting him because they dont want him struggling with identity 1) As a black man 2) as a gay man….put those together and tell me how he could’ve Picked a harder struggle.

            Shout out to D Wade and Gab for supporting homie and not leaving him out to dry. Thank goodness he’s not growing up in the hood. Half of yall whos extra mad about this are prob the biggest fags anyway🤷🏾‍♂️

            Properly Love yourself so you could properly give love to other people.

            • LMAO…You are an Idiot to believe a Child is Coming out at 11 on his on accord.

              Don’t Be Stupid Your Whole Life….LOL!

              • Whats the difference between 11-41? Does he not understand his sexuality? Now im an idiot🤦🏾‍♂️. Mature talk bro 😂

                • Dude. You are a “Fffing” idiot! When did an 11yr old boy all of a sudden become a “man”. This is how nasty ass pedophile men think…..looking at little boys like that……Dirty you mutha.

            • Some people refuse to SEE THE FOREST FROM THE TREES!!!!!!!!! Maybe…..just maybe if you stop smoking THEM for a few minutes…….maybe just maybe YOU’LL GET SOME CLARITY on any subject!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Surprised why?

        In this scenario he was either abused at a young age or these thoughts were put in his head at a young age…it wouldn’t surprise me if it were the latter, these “celeb” kids are usually programmed anyway.

        Although there are plenty of people who do sick things to children of ALL ages.

    2. @Spiritual Wisdom First: The same thing can be said about Will Smith and his relationship with the notorious lesbo Jada Pinkett.

    3. There IS an AGENDA being pushed…

      Do NOT believe the Hype or BS about being born Gay, there is No Such Thing.

      Any child who is sexual/sexualized before puberty was abused or influenced by someone older.

      • LIES. In many African and Native American cultures, there were many sexes and gays were embraced.

          • Native Indians embraced intersexes and men and women could cross dress. Ignorance is no defense fir stupidity. Pick up a book, visit your library. GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND. niggas still believe in a imaginary sky daddy yet calling others with FACTS stupid. Make it make sense. SMFH.

            • You said many sexes like that b makes sense… You Stupid POS.

              Use terms we use today… because you still sound like a Dumb Fucking Idiot.

              • It is YOU who sounds stupid thinking that there is only male and female and that being gay is unnatural. There are even gay monkeys, lions, etc…. DUMBO. Then have the NERVE to call others dumb and stupid. SMH

                • There are Only to sexes Asshole…

                  Hermaphrodites are a rare Mistake… You Dumb Bitch… just Shut Your Stupid Ass Up… You Still look and Sound like the Fucking Fool You ARE…🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😅

        • I think you may want to search alittle deeper than that so you may get a BETTER understanding…….

      • I challenge that. I was raised up in a loving two parent household. My whole family is Christian. Nobody ever touched me. Nothing bad happened. We didn’t have social media or YouTube. I was never attracted to men. They smell. Most black women raise their sons to be dependent. They expect a women to be their maid. It’s ok for boys to live with “mom”. Even with Caucasian families. It was my decision to be a lesbian. Nobody touched me. And, I waited until I was 18-19 before I kissed a girl. And, 20 before I slept with a female.

        • Exactly YOUR DECISION …

          Bitch You WEREN’T BORN GAY You made a CHOICE to be and Every Single one of you makes that CHOICE.

          Besides christianity is a pagan religion so that isn’t much of an argument.

    4. Child they want all black men in jail, drugs and now gay is the new it factor..
      GTFOOH with this BS, I’m so sick of seeing lil boys twisting their ass

    5. The war on the Black man continues.

      They don’t want us to be strong unless it’s on an athletic field. Then they can make money off of us.

      And if we can’t play a sport, they want us wearing a dress.

      The Agenda is real.

    6. The agenda is to emasculate the whole male species. Population control and the destruction of minorities is part of the agenda as well. The Jezebel spirit is indoctrinated in little girls with women like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé. Now, their pushing the pedophile agenda by pushing kids to come out the closet at a young age. Celebrity children serve the elite’s sick purpose. Jesus is coming soon for his people.

    7. His parents should support him, but he’s only 11. He shouldn’t be thinking about sexuality.

      He shouldn’t be at an adult event like that where nasty stuff happens.

      That child should be doing child stuff, and focused on education and sports, art, or science.

      What happened to letting kids be kids? Why is it acceptable to let 10 and 11 year olds act like teens?

      • This is a Pedophile Agenda Move…and Should NOT Be Supported or Accepted.

        They are trying to Normalize the Pedophile Agenda by showing Children and people around them accepting their “sexuality,” making it seem as though a Child choosing a Sexual Preference at any age is Normal… and it is NOT.

        The lgbqmnop people should ban children from this event, because they know it is too sexually charged for children..this isn’t about floats and bands…this parade is all about flaunting sexuality, which children should NOT be participating in.

        They (meaning the elites) are really trying to push it being okay to be with children sexually.

        They’ll say see they (meaning children) even are promoting their sexuality, they understand what all this means and what their preferences are so it should be okay for them to have sex…it is a MIND FUCK PEOPLE, Don’t Fall for this Shit!

      • My thoughts exactly Anon 16:58. What’s does an 11 yr old know about sexuality anyway? It should be none of their concern. I think Gabrielle & Wade are stupid & disgusting for this.

      • He is exposed now and you best believe they will be coming for him at school. I don’t understand why this could not have remained a private family thing, at least until he was 15 or 16.

        Also, gay pride parades are raw. No way should an 11 year old be at those events. But i guess it’s ok if it got Gabrielle more attention.

    8. I remember when black parents disowned their kids

      I remember when black women used to hate gay dudes even the lesbians

      • No matter how you feel. That’s not cool.

        That’s how you end up with all the Atlanta downlows. There’s diseases out here.

        And how do you as a parent do that to your child?

        Some parents will ignore their son’s criminal behavior (shooting people and robbing people), but they wanna act up if he’s gay.

        • And who taught you to hate gays. You’re white massa? MANY African.nations before they were invaded with the imaginary sky daddy religions embraced gays. Even Uganda, who are now very anti gay. YET THEIR ROYAL FAMILIES STILL EMBRACE IT IN SECRET. Christianity and Islam has distorted their ancient belief systems.

    9. Somebody abused that boy. When your daddy & step mom are freaks with their tranny, etc. obession, you don’t know who dwayne & gabby had around these children.

    10. I swear THIS harlot be doing the most!!!!!!!! When are we gonna let children be children……. This mess with the developmental stages of a child!!!!!!!!! This is soooooo wrong!!!!!!!!!

    11. Yep. MTO has other pictures of this little boy “coming out”. Yes this 11yr old boy, Zion says he is gay. SMDH!!!!

    12. And it’s really messed up that she has this pre pubescent boy at a pride parade wearing very small shorts. Her own shorts are huge, probably because she doesn’t want lesbian attention.

      Like, as a parent, how do your instincts to protect them let you think that’s okay?

      There’s almost naked and naked white men everywhere.

    13. I dunno how I stumbled across this site but the \commnts on this site are fucked up. You people need to get outside lol. Who gives a shit if the kid is gay – pray to god he never meets any of you fucking nutjobs lol.

    14. Funny how Dwayne Wade’s ig ain’t got no pics of his son attending the Gay pride parade 🤔

    15. Gabby admitted to eating dwaynes ass thats the gateway to pegging

      Yeah im quite sure gabby was strapping dwayne ass with dildos

    16. Gabby can suck my dick thats all

      A shame boys this young already wanna be gay and aint even kissed a girl

      • She would be Fucking you in the ass and you would let her.

        And hopefully he hasn’t kissed or had anyone touch him at 11, but given who the people caring for him are his booty has prob already been sacrificed to the illumi-nati.

        • You love why dont you come my wzy and let me sodomize you one time for the baphomet

          With your pangendered ass

          • LMAO… again the FAG comes out of you as usual…You know you love being pegged you dirty low down homo…LOL!

    17. 11 year olds dont make public announcements.

      they also shouldnt be at some parade celebrating gay sex its pretty much normalizing pedophillia.

      is he sexually active? than how do they know for sure hes gay? ive seen some kids years later realize they’re hetero or bi. this is weirdo shit.

    18. way to union…u been to those hollywood parties…i guess this was the sacrific it took for the money to keep rolling in..ask majic johnson. will smith. to name a few…they know what theyre doing… the end its black first and sex last

    19. union wayne that kid is only 11 , untrain…no one have is teaching the restrait…..gabrial aint shit. from the beginning she had her man dressing like a bitch and talking about eating his ass….thats thats how she gets down in her world lol

    20. How does this lil mf know he likes to suck and f–k on D–k? He’s just a sissy until he experiences the real thing.


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