Future Has Two Women Pregnant at the Same Time?!


    A woman who goes by the name Eliza Reign on Instagram is claiming she’s pregnant with Future’s 6th child.

    Eliza claims she has been messing with Future for the past two years. After she got pregnant, he wanted her to have an abortion, which she was down with initially. But after speaking with her doctor, she decided to keep the baby, and that’s when s**t popped up!

    She’s now claiming the rapper allegedly put a hit out on her.

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    Instagram has since deleted her posts.

    If she’s indeed pregnant by the rapper, this will be his sixth child by six different women. He has kids with Ciara, Jessica Smith, Brittni, India J, and Joie Chavis — a.k.a. Bow Wow’s baby mama — is currently pregnant with his fifth child.


    1. What happen to the days when black women would require you to meet their parents, get their blessing to marry before they allowed you to get them pregnant. Future should also be embarrassed dude has no self respect or respect for women and sorry ass men never call these serial impregnantors out

    2. aside from a possible check, why would any woman let a rapper…or any celeb fuck raw? they have more bodies than the average person. Plus, if they’re willing to smash you raw, you gotta know they smashin everybody else raw too.

    3. They are both fucking disgusting and I feel sorry for the child. The father will never love it and the mother had it to live a comfortable life for herself. I don’t get why these dumb ass rappers just wont get their balls tied! ?

      • Unless Past Misfortune has other solid sources of income the public doesn’t know about, her days of getting rich from child support will be very limited. Very few rappers have longevity or are relevant 18 years from the time they hit. She’s better off going on public assistance for 3-5 years while she gets an education or does something that requires actual skills.

    4. Why would any woman in her right mind have anything to do with this man unless they were looking for an 18 year payday and maybe the gift that keeps on giving?

      These women are going to end up disappointed and looking for a job.

      • What do you mean? He’s rich and famous, that’s WHY. If future had a vasectomy tonight, the same amount of women would be on his dick tomorrow. Yes, a possible pregnancy is an incentive, but it’s not the only reason they flock.

    5. I always say……..LIFE IS THE BEST TEACHER!!!!!!! She knew future is a serial knock-her-upper…….WHY? Well she’s gonna a few of life lessons……YES INDEED!!!!!!!!!

    6. Eww She has strong features . Sorry any guy that goes with a woman that looks like a dude is suspect asf. Which is not surprising because that’s how they all swing in hollyweird

    7. In the words of Steve Harvey..” I only have to look good at the Bank”….women will raw dawg anything with a paycheck.

    8. Hood twins, he’s a disgusting dirty creature who should have had a vasectomy 3 babies ago. He doesn’t nurture and parent his current kids, so any sane woman would never choose him to father children, yes I did say sane woman. Plus he’s hideous looking.

    9. This is a rapper and an instagram model with no standards or morals. If he put a hit on her she better prove it and send his ass to prison.

    10. Anonymous@22:33 Majority of these rappers are with women with strong features because they’re gay or bisexual. Look at Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole.

      • Most women today have hard features. All that cholestoral and obesity have made women into masculine entities. The 60s and 70s was where women look gorgeous

      • You are so right. I had to google dr Dre’s husband.. I mean uhm wife. Definitely looks like a tranny! All the beautiful women in the world and many of them choose the most masculine ones. Shit is crazy out here! This world has officially gone to hell.


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