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    HSK Exclusive — The entertainment industry is whispering word of a beef that could be brewing between the estate of the late King of Pop — and — the impersonator said to have been “considered by Michael Jackson himself as his most faithful double.” It’s a situation appearing to set off a Michael Jackson Experience vs Michael Jackson Estate type of scenario. Don’t believe it? Just ask John Branca!

    Enter acclaimed MJ impersonator — Barcelona’s Very Own — Sergio Cortes.
    Cortes is the leadman of a string of Latin American shows advertising a ‘Michael Jackson Live Tribute’ to audiences. The problem is this: sources say a large part, if not all, of those Latin American bookings may have gone down without the green light from MJ’s estate! What’s more? Sergio Cortes is suddenly moving as “Sergio Jackson” now!!!

    Word on the vine has it that Cortes has “snapped” and that he “actually thinks he’s the King of Pop!” Now, Cortes has now gone from being known as ‘the world’s #1 Michael Jackson impersonator’ to becoming better known as “the Sergio Cortes who disappeared from his handlers and is booking his very own concert shows without the approval of the Michael Jackson Estate.”

    We did some digging and uncovered bookings for May 15th, 2019 Arena Monterrey, and May 17th, 2019 Arena Mexico City, his apparently attempted Latin American lick. According to his Facebook site, Sergio Cortes has been doing this for years and years, mostly in Latin America. Sources say it’s a lick Cortes won’t be pulling here at home in America.

    The drop:

    “Sergio made a promise to never to be dishonest to Michael’s fans and now he’s going back on his word … booking performances unbeknownst to the Michael Jackson Estate … and he’s also using Michael Jackson’s name to make money without giving back to Michael’s charities. They booked some concert dates in Mexico with Sergio and word on the streets has is when Sergio hits the stage, he might get arrested for fraud.”


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    3. This is the massive problem re the issues MJ
      had to deal with his whole life

      People speculating & throwing hearsay & gossip into the mix, thinking they know the truth about him.

      Let him rest in peace


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