Ex-Young Money Rapper Sentenced to Two Life Sentences


    rapper flow young money convicted life sentence

    New Orleans rapper Widner “Flow” Degruy stalled his sentencing for a few minutes when he “walked into a New Orleans courtroom in chains Tuesday, muttered loudly and flipped manila folders off a desk,” according to The Advocate. But despite his antics, he was unable to avoid his punishment: two life terms behind bars.

    The Young Money rapper was convicted of killing brothers Kendrick and Kendred Bishop on Memorial Day 2015.

    He was reportedly friends with 22-year-old Kendrick but suspected the man and his 18-year-old brother, Kendred, had stolen $8,000 in cash and a gun from him.

    On the night before the shootings, they all attended a Lil Wayne concert in Alabama, before returning to New Orleans.

    Flow’s accomplice received a 20-year sentence in exchange for his agreement to testify against Flow.

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    1. Never heard of this guy another stupid ass so called gangster rapper gone for life

      All those tats on his face says slave prisoner and bitch

    2. When keepin it real goes wrong.

      These idiots think it’s all a game. His accomplice was an idiot and so was his lawyer. You turned states evidence for 20 years? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

      • Agrees with everyone,I’m also coming to the conclusion we(black ppl)should stop buying ANYTHING the current day rap/hip hop culture is promoting(tv movies music sports..etc)until the powers that be produce positive-constructive content.This bs has program many of us to demean-degrade our self’s yet we still watch,buy,revel in it smh #whatafoolbelieves

      • White bitches be just as involved. Hell, they’ll have more involvement in the crime and they always get offered no prison time for being a state’s witness. They dont even be getting probation. Smh. 20 years for my testimony. No thank you.

    3. Freakonomically speaking, this violent criminal act was both directly and indirectly orchestrated by white males, so you could stop most of this crime by aborting white males and eliminating or incarcerating all living white males.


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