Emily Ratajkowski Checks on Her ‘Boo’ LeBron


    Emily Ratajkowski lebron james

    Emily Ratajkowski, the model who appeared half-naked in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video, attended the Los Angeles Lakers game and sent out a thirst trap to her boo, LeBron James.

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    Checking in on boo @kingjames

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    BTW, Emily just got married in February, and we all know LeBron is married…even though that hasn’t stopped him from looking.

    Is she out of line for thirsting after the King?


    1. Look at the devil’s women always enticing blackmen! Blackmen stop falling for this bullshit and take care of ‘yours’!

      • Yo you are so fuckin right I was going through some sports shit on my phone and it was showing NFL player just a few everyone who was black had a white wife 86% at least don’t get me wrong I will knock one off ?..but marry (no can do)

        • They marry wealthy to move the money to white families. Too bad these athletes are too ignorant to figure it out.

    2. Yep. She not only disrespectful to Lebrons family, but she making her husband look super whack!!! Guess her husband is not putting it down like he supposed to, since she lusting after another man. Joke or not, it’s not funny. Now if he was talking about a cartoon character or the mascot than okay. But this man got enough rumors already trying to break up his home, why would you do this?

    3. No bra and she look like she do meth. She looks like a 49 year old trying to look younger with the outfit.

    4. Keep people’s husbands and wife’s names out of your mouths. This urks me, these concubine hoes are out of line.

      • Concubines love the role of knowing the man is cheating on the woman he sworn death do us part. They get a feeling of power. But back in the days they kept that feeling to themselves now they say it out in the open

      • Anon:39 Im thinking the same thing,this twn can f up your spirit if your not grounded
        whats that saying “this ain’t kansas”

        • Y’ all acting like thiz nig is some corny backward fool when he has been doing the most for a minute…he is hardly brand new to the game.

          It is about time his shit gets put all the way out there.

          • I saw an interview a few yrs back of Marla Gibbs(the jeffersons,227..etc) on dealing with celebrity in la and i agree with her,you have multitude of ppl in this twn(esp blak ppl) trying to steal your “light” most don’t want to put the work in and get jealous etc here is the clip… https://youtu.be/WRgjaYn27bQ

    5. Hell nah. This thing Has the body of a gay man. Looks way to trannish. I’m sure Lebron goes all types of ways now. I heard one of the reasons why famous niggas go gay is because they get tired and bored of having sex with females.

    6. After what happened to boule Bill, black men are still fucking with white bitches? Are you fucking kidding me?

      • black men will sleep with anything even a morbidly obese sister. Go to atlanta and they will even sleep with trannya. Us black men have truly fallen

        • What’s wrong with black men sleeping with a morbidly obese sister? Fat ppl needs love 2.

          I see u r a slave to stupidity.

          • Nothing wrong, but these men usually lay up with these women out of desparation. Its not love. Fat white women and fat black women dating black men is an epidemic and is hurting black progress

    7. Don’t she know she married? Don’t she know he’s married? Honey she would have to get 2 cans of whup ass and I pray she don’t duck any of the fumes………BLANTANTLY DISRESPECTFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Lebron is ugly nigga and ugly niggas are usually fuckniggas just like Tristan Thompson. Without the money she wouldnt know who Lebron James is. Fuckbitches like money not the ugly nigga


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