Drake Makes It Rain On McDonald’s Employees


    drake mcdonalds employees

    Drake reportedly walked into a McDonald’s and blessed two of the fast food establishment’s workers with $10,000…EACH.

    Here’s what a Twitter user had to say:

    “One of the employees (who I know since I visit that particular location often) turned to me as he and his security guards walked in (after going through the drive-thru) and whispered what just happened as the other female employee started crying hysterically in the back.”


    1. Why not just split it down and give EVERYBODY some money?

      Now he looks like a thirsty ole dog.

      Or at least give it to a single mother.

      • Maybe those were the only two Blacks there…

        Besides it’s his ? ? ? so who gives a Fuck what he does with it.

        • Stop talking about Your Grandma Homo…

          You are just Mad because you look like that Fat Ass purple puppet Grimace Dipped in Shit… With Your Nasty Dick Shit Eating/Smelling Ass.

    2. Doesn’t excuse the fact that he kissed and grabbed a 17 year old girls tits! I don’t see black women protesting against Blackface Drake. Gee I wonder why?


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