DL Hughley Defends Liam Neeson’s ‘Black Bastard’ Comment


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    Liam Neeson has been slammed for revealing after a friend was raped by a black man, he went looking for any “black bastard” to kill. The red carpet premiere of his movie, Cold Pursuit, has been canceled following the backlash, but he has comedian D.L. Hughley’s support:

    “What he did was tell you his thoughts, which is braver than what a lot of people do. He said out loud what a lot of people think. Most white dudes who so enraged with black people, cause basically, any n***a would’ve done, any black dude he would’ve saw, he would’ve beat, most white dudes that feel like that, just angry at black people and wanna get them back, they don’t admit it while they promoting a movie…they join the police department. They find a way to manifest that anger some other way. He said out loud what a lot of us know they think and we got mad at him. As far as I know, you can’t be prosecuted for having a thought. Actions are what counts. In American we want to have conversations, conversations that involve listening, but sometimes you hear things you don’t want to. The reason we don’t like this is, we wanna be fooled. We wanna put our thoughts in his mouth. Is it unusual that a 66-year-old white man feels this way? It’s just unusual that he has the courage to say it out loud [..] I’m not saying it makes him a hero, I’m saying it makes him human.”



    1. DL Hughley is a coon a$$ MF b-tc-@☆. He’s a wacked a$$ non-funny wannabe be comedian. Funny how no-one can remember him from the kings of comedy

          • If they Did There would be More Black on White Murders Clown.

            This MF said he was looking for a black bastard to kill…whites are all around us…so if what you say is true a race war would have already happened.

            Don’t put your mental illness issues on the rest of us, because very few of us think like those animals.

    2. you act a plum fool with kanye but let this guy slide, cooning at it finest way to go dL your making us look great sir.

    3. DL never said his actions or thoughts were right, he simply stated that most feel this way but are not brave enough to admit it. I don’t agree with the hate he is spewing but better to be aware of others off put hateful thoughts. Knowledge is power. I accept racism and racist as they are. I do not agree but feel the more we discuss these type of thoughts we are able to use logic and law to arm and protect ourselves and family from it.

    4. Those thoughts have Nothing to do with Humanity nor do they come from a place of it..

      If your first thought is to Kill an Innocent person you need psychiatric assistance or to be put down yourself.

      It is almost 2020, what would be nice if we stop making excuses for these pinkies and let them feel every bit of backlash they get, especially when we have been tarred & feathered for less.

    5. His family member was clearly lying like so many other white women. They would rather make false accusations against a black man than get a white into trouble, or admit they’re a ho.

      Liam Neeson is an alcoholic that pisses his pants constantly. And I don’t know why he has a career other than there’s gay white directors he messes with.

    6. Boycott those buffoons already!can you really take somebody serious who tells jokes/tap dances/raps/put a ball in a hoop…etc for a living? yt Malcolm X on entertainers& athletes

    7. Yeah and what if that “Black bastard” had of been D.L. That he would have killed. Dumb ass coon.

    8. If you are going to be angry at DL Hugely, you better get angry at Viola Davis! When her movie was released, she did what her white handlers told her to do, which was promote the white man, black woman love and lust.

    9. Okay here’s the same ole scenario……..BLACK MEN raping white women. How many times HAVE we heard THIS? She probably got caught and you know the rest………. BLACK MEN LEAVE WHITE WOMEN ALONE……..THEY’RE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. I don’t know about DL, he seems good at pissing various ppl off, & he seems to pick & choose his battles. He even made Michael Jackson’s nephew TJ mad. TJ tweeted for DL to keep his uncle’s name out of his mouth. Guess he commented on the Leaving Neverland documentary. Anyone knows what he said about MJ?

    11. dl you’re all over the dam place.one minute he’s woke next minute he’s cooning shut the fuck up. I know we all as black ppl have to eat but his going to far cosigning to this racist bullshit. Ehat this frail recessive ghostly ugly old tired looking white man said is very dangerous and should be taken very serious…this is how this trailer parking ass hole as others how think like him did black back back during that time. No pass for this fool i feel like fucking him up

      • Why do online negroes always act tough but when white supremacy even attemps to assemble yall guys cry about racism. Real Gs I know aint scared about these “oral” racist…yall clowns kill me. Everytime a goofy white man says something about blacks you guys always crying knowing that these crakka love making yall niggas shit in your pants.

        • Look who is talking…

          Your afriKKKoon hamite Ass still hasn’t done anything about your rape …all you know how to do is talk shit about women and us True Hebrews.

        • noone is shittting in thier pants over some dumb scary fragil looking trailer park non educated waste of space .many trailer park trash really think like this and carry out these treats however….thats very dangerous

      • This is how CENTRAL PARK 5 got started!!!!!! And who was sprewing the line of killing them? None other than ###45 ###orange orangutan!!!!!!!

    12. black americans stop letting goofy white man clown you. These are lower caste whites who are put by these crakkas as agents to mask the real white oppressors i.e government and corporations and the Constitution

      • We know the deal Fool.

        Worry about your continent, how they are getting punked and what you are going to do about it.

    13. And here… are black people emotionally reacting without trying to articulate what D.L. is saying. Until we allll(not trying to act uppitty?) become more emotionally intelligent, we ain’t never gonna be able to shake this Deuteronomy curse

      • Time is up regarding the curse Dumb Ass…

        That is why all these Fools are going down.

        We need to stop worrying about their downfall, ? @ you dl, wake others who are still asleep as too who we really are and start claiming what is rightfully ours.

      • LMAO…Like your whole continent is in better shape?

        They use you for experiments on the regular… And are driving you off your Own land… So try again Bitch…?

        • So you are still on the oppression olympics. Blacks are suffering worldwide. But your goofy ass is worried about laughing at Black Africans smdh

          • Yep they & you are Trash…

            I can’t wait to see you fall hard & fast.

            You keep trying to claim Hebrew when all you are is a Dirty hamite while taking shit about True Hebrews…

            You will get everything you deserve and then some… You had plenty of time to do the right thing and still haven’t, so you get no love here.


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