Diddy’s Baby Mama Kim Porter Dead @ 47


    kim porter diddy dead

    Kim Porter, Diddy’s ex-girlfriend, was found dead Thursday at her home.

    Sources state someone called 9-1-1 around noon and said a patient had gone into cardiac arrest. A source connected to Kim says she had been suffering flu-like symptoms, and possibly pneumonia, for several weeks. Another source says Kim had contacted her doctor yesterday, complaining she wasn’t feeling any better. Her cause of death is unknown at this time.

    Diddy and Kim started dating in 1994 and broke up, for the last time, in 2007.

    They share three kids together, twin girls Jessie James and D’Lila, and their son, Christian Combs. Kim is also the mom to Quincy, the son she had with singer Al B. Sure!.

    Diddy’s rep has released a statement:

    “Sadly, I can confirm the passing of Kim Porter. I ask that you give the families privacy at this time.”

    Kim was 47.


    1. Wow sad…I hope it wasn’t the monster. ..I’m not talking about Diddy…I’m talking about the big A…

      • I hate to say it but I believe you are correct. I also read online from a blogger that some people who are infected can pass the virus on to someone else but it effects them differently depending on their immune system. The carrier, for whatever reason (unless you believe in a different type of voodoo/witchcraft theory) can/will continue to live and appear healthy while still infecting other people.

    2. wow beautiful woman such a young age dead. She looked healthy i doubt it was drugs probably some liver or kidney problem or fibroisis in the lungs

    3. People are being sacrificed left and right. First Angela Simmons sacrifices her child’s father now Diddy’s sacrifices his children’s mother. Rest in peace Kim Porter.

      • I don’t think it was Diddy because he’s in the 20 million club a 100 million times. Only if he “owed” on all those millions he has, could it be him I think.

        • Didn’t has been accused of killing before. Mysteriously him and Cassie break up, we all know Kim Porter was in the way, she was his image. Sounds like witch craft to me. Maybe that’s why Duffy so hooked on Cassie. I would hope he would not kill the mother of his kids.

          This is sad.

          I don’t believe that woman dropped dead for no reason.

    4. Oh let’s not forget a young lady by the name of Lyric Mchenry was sacrificed and was on E network. She was best friends with E.J. Johnson. She died a terrible death. I wonder if these victims know their about to be sacrificed.

    5. I don’t believe she had aids because if she did I’m sure she could have been like magic Johnson. I guess she had the money to treat it like he does.. Real talk though can someone tell me how Magic has lived so long with aids and many people. Freddie Mercury, and Easy e died from it ????

      • Welp, since Mercury & Eazy were diagnosed there has been advancement in how the disease is managed, PLUS there are drugs, a cocktail of drugs that if taken properly, along with taking care of your body by not abusing it with drinking heavily, drugs, not getting any rest, running yourself raggid, will have you looking and feeling healthy like Magic. Remember, Magic was diagnosed with HIV, Eazy died of AIDS.

      • Freddie continued to drink, stop taking his meds, and askee for morphine which he was allergic to. Also the coctail from the Mid 80’s early 90’s was experimental half the people got the actual meds the other half got placebos.

        • Regarding Freddie, the meds he was given/taking was not working. The morphine was requested by the ppl around Freddie. Not Freddie himself.

    6. Illumin@ti Sacrifice !!! ~ Puffy’s Child Support Payments Went From $20,000 – 40,000 Per Month !!! (Since Last Month) ~ 100% Fact !!! Google Search It !!!

    7. The devil told diddy that boo boo box action is not enough anymore. You need to give him something more.

    8. These people are pure evil they make scraifices like they change clothes puffy is the worst he will burn in hell for all the shit he has done.

    9. I thought Chinx was a sacrifice for Diddy and French Montana. Let’s not forget all his other artists Biggie, Craig Mack, Shyne, etc.

    10. I just read Cassie is going back with diddy. Her dumb ass better count her blessings and stay away from him. Way too many people die around diddy or turn up unlucky

      • Now these are facts. Something ain’t adding up about Diddy. Nor do he look bothered. He the only one posting and out in the public. Who does that after your children’s life’s just changed forever within a blink of a eye. Come on now. Diddy looking a little shady, I’m sorry. Don’t trust him! He’s a weirdo.

    11. Puffy just changed his profile picture on twitter and instagram ….. TOO AN ALL SEEING EYE ILLUMINATI HAND SIGNAL !!! Yep, It Was A Sacrifice !!!!

    12. Some of you people sound like that dumb ass passing himself off as a president. Talking shit about shit and not having proof the first. Someone needs to sacrifice your stupid asses.

      If Kim had HIV, not only would she have had the best medical care money can buy but her doctor would have had her come to see him/her or go to a hospital emergency room since they’re not inclined to play with the help of an HIV + person complaining of an illness. As soon as Kim would’ve described her symptoms they would have had her come in.

    13. Having money has nothing to do with it. (The Best care) when it’s your time to go, you’re going no matter what. Amen.

    14. I don’t know. Diddy has been accused of paying to have people murdered before. However, what religion does Cassie practice? does it have anything to do with witch craft? This looks like witch craft to me. Sick for a few days and then dies. If it happened to be 21 days of being sick, it’s witch craft. Somewhere Kim opened a door and they attacked.

      I’m not convinced this lady passed away for no reason. So sad, that’s a lot of kids, family and friends left behind and she was beautiful and youthful.

        • Well if you drive where she lives, out there in studio city or the vallley as they call it. It’s witch craft stores all over. It’s not dumb it’s real. They would not be in business for long if it did not work. Ppl practice that stuff, when you start seeing goats s d chickens in ppls yards just know they bring sacrificed, it ain’t for goat milk. Only the name of Jesus is going to put a stop to it. But if you like to be dumb like your self and pretend it don’t exists, you won’t see it coming. Keep believing ppl drop dead for no reason if you want to. Quiji boards and all that stuff don’t keep sellinv cause people don’t use them.

          • What kind of BS believer are you?

            Not much of one worrying about witches/chickens/spells…

            Sit your Fake Christian Ass down somewhere and keep his name out of your mouth since you have no faith…oh wait you are worshiping some pagan deity anyway as you don’t have enough sense to learn his true name, Fucking Moron.

            • Girl the Bible tells you they exist. It ain’t got nothing to do with Faith. David’s Father in Law used them. David’s son used them. I guess you missed the story with Pharoh imitation of what Moses was doing. Like you are Satan him self and you don’t even know it. You are so negative, pathetic and draining. I know In real life you cannot possibably have any friends, or nothing. GO AWAY!!!!!! F/$k!!!!!!!!!

              • It has everything to do with Faith, Dumb Bitch…

                Don’t be mad because that dude you talk about hates you, you are on here enough for me to know YOU have no friends and your kids are going to be as Stupid if not more Stupid than YOU…LOL!

                • Also if you had a Brain you would know the Bible has been rewritten to death by people who want Idiots like you to believe every word they write.

                • Okay any way back to the subject.

                  Oh now the Bible has been re written. Lol.. but You was just trying to preach it 5 min ago. well witchcraft exist, sounds like somebody already used it on you “hatred and anger is clearly in you” It can’t be used on The people who Jesus has covered but not everyone is covered by Jesus. So Faith only applys to those who accept Jesus, who abide in the Word of God.

                  So no Witch craft don’t work on everyone, but doimg drugs opens up that door.

              • I wasn’t preaching Shit Jack Ass…STFU Already you are beyond clueless..

                Stupidity is a disease you will never be able to outrun.

            • Chronicles 33:6

              He passed his sons through the fire in Ben Hinnom Valley. He practiced witchcraft, divination, and sorcery, and consulted mediums and spiritists. He did a huge amount of evil in the LORD’s sight, angering him.

              Galatians 5:19-20

              19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, 20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,

              And there is plenty more. So explain to me what this has to do with Faith?

              Faith means you trust in the word of God. How do you know that’s what Kim P was doing? Let’s do the math she dating diddy, 4 kids never married, smoke weed, does coke, smokes cigs and got ghetto friends. ??‍♀️ My bets would not be on her.

                • I am talking about you not having Faith to be worried about witches…this is exactly why you are Stupid…smfh.

                • I’m not worried about witches. But people like you should be.

                  People sleeping with Freemasons (diddy) should be, people who do drugs (Kim P) should be.

                  People that sit on here sounding like Satan (you) should be.

                • I know what you think you trying to say. But what you said omg is wrong because you can still have faith and be involved in witch craft. People have faith in witch craft, horoscopes, psychics and everything else. So what’s you’re point?

              • Yeah you are all you do is bring that shit up when someone dies so I know you believe…

                Just Shut Up dude, the only reason you have made it this far in life is because the lord has mercy on slow people…

                • Because people don’t just die at 47 for no reason. Only Satan wants people to believe that.

                • You can call on your pagan deity all you want it doesn’t faze a true believer who knows his real name like me, Dumb Bitch.

              • How Dumb are you Really?

                Don’t answer, I already know…

                How the Fuck have you made it this far in life to know no person is made to live forever…smdh.

                • Every person has an expiration date Moron…babies die children die and if you are lucky to make it to 47 and beyond you lived a life some never get to have.

                • Why you so angry Yes jesus it not correct name of gods son but no need to get to I rate about it Yahawah is the Creators name

                • This isn’t your convo so step off…FYI his name isn’t yah anything either…yah (iah) is also a pagan deity.

    15. Puffy Is Wearing A “Do The Right Thing Hoodie” During The Police Investigation With Cassie !!! 100% Fact !!! (google search it)

    16. There’s an old thread on here that details how he abused her and broke her nose. I wouldn’t be surprised if he killed her or had her killed. That’s the way things play out for abused women unfortunately.

    17. Yes it’s known puff abused her it’s known both are drug addicts

      Cassie is like puffs sex slave but Kim and misa was sleeping with puff still. Even though he was with Cassie

      Misa said herself you don’t leave puffy, puffy leaves you

    18. Well if you look at her and her friends Instagrams closely you will see shecwas definetly a heavy smoker both ciggs and weed. Weed causes pneumonia, smoking messing up your lungs. Soooo she definetly was not as innocent as it appears and her nanny accused her of using other drugs.

      I thought it was witch craft or Diddy but after seeing her reckless lifestyle. Idk..

            • LMAO…nice try but that is not what that means Dumb Ass…

              Don’t be mad because the two brain cells you have hate each other..LOL!

        • https://www.thoracic.org/patients/patient-resources/resources/marijuana.pdf

          Anytime you enhale any kind of smoke, it’s capable of damaging your lungs. Anytime your lungs get damage youre at risk for bronchitis which can eventually turn into pnemounia. That is common sense. Wtf…. y’all cant be serious. You sure I’m the slow one?

          Weed kills people. Maybe not directly but it kills cells in your brain and lungs that you need, which will eventually lead to either a stroke or pneumonia, if you smoke enough of it.

          Keep thinking it’s safe if you want to. When you end up on your death bed, remember this post.

          • You are the slow one to say weed causes pneumonia…weed does not cause pneumonia Dumb Bitch…but you finally figured out how to halfway make a point.

            Smoke can cause lung damage, but that is not the only way people get pneumonia…so you are still an Idiot.

    19. Well no one in 2018 dies from pneumonia unless it’s a elderly person or an infant besides we don’t live in a 3rd world country plus her ass was wealthy I think she died from HIV diddy gave to her.

    20. Would that mean Cassie has it too? Did Kim have any relationships after Diddy? Of course not because he kept her on a short leash. Look at Charlie Sheen he finally came out because someone exposed him. Who’s going to expose Diddy?

    21. Kim Porter had full blown AIDS! They had her hooked up to an IV, while giving her meds, saline, vitamins, etc. Her immune system was compromised bc of AIDS… just like Easy-E! They treated her at home bc they didn’t want the public/media to know she had AIDS bc it would expose Diddy/Puffy and other well-known men and women. There was nothing more they could do for her bc immune system could NOT fight off pneumonia which probably led to SYPSIS and death. Trust me, I know… my twin sister died at 47 with the same complications. I was with her throughout her struggle w/AIDS! Every doctor visit and hospitalization. Our family didn’t know but I found out from the doctors while she was fighting numerous infections! They talked to me as if I knew she had AIDS. I then did my research and realized she was suffering from pneumonia that is only common to HIV/AIDS patients. They released her from the hospital to go home to pass… she died a week later and the cause of death was cardiac arrest. I am still angry, hurt, and shocked! My nephews lost their Mom and only parent. She caught AIDS from a prison inmate. He died two years bf her death. She also carried a child for 9 months who was already dead! The doctors called me there to help her deliver a dead fetus! Please people… protect yourself, HIV/AIDS is no joke! The rapper/gay agenda is in full effect!

    22. A few things…. the death is odd and does not sit right. Some of you sound so seriously ignorant with “sacrifice killings” and your straight ignorance on HIV/AIDS. There is a cover up however and eventually it will get out cuz the family in GA are starting to talk. Now I’m not saying KP did not have AIDS.. but I feel with medication today this would not have killed her so suddenly, although it could – everyone’s immune system is different.. money or no money. Based on the kids thou- it’s almost like they knew she might be terminally sick. Maybe Shit Daddy has her killed with undetectable poison.. he stills a black man in USA ..if foul play was involved he would have been lynched up for a new trail of the century.
      I believe it could have been an accidentally OD, an illness they would like to keep private (regardless of prying eyes she has HIPAA rights and none of outer fucking biz)….something seems odd for sure. Time will tell because it always does… the only soul the devil will come collect on us Diddy if he ain’t walking thru life right.

    23. Missingyou47 I think your theory masked a ton of sense. Not so sure she was killed, but perhaps the family wanting to keep details out of the public eye.


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