Diddy Has a Message for Cassie


    diddy message cassie

    Now that Diddy and Cassie have officially broken up, it looks like the Bad Boy exec wants that old thang back!

    Here’s what he posted on Instagram:

    For what it’s worth, Cassie looks miserable without him:

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    How long before they kiss and make up?


    1. He destroyed her life and career. Remember when she had her head shaved on the sides. It ws bc Puffy (I refuse to call him anything else) spit chewing gum in her hair during one of their fights.

    2. Now I heard he had pulled her hair out on that side of her head but you know how rumors are! But she better get her life back and be thankful she dodged that d**k!

      • Could have accidentally pulled some out during rough sex ??‍♂️??‍♀️ They extra freaky… allegedly

    3. She’s addicted to him and let’s face it the lifestyle was pretty fabulous. If a person can go through withdrawals when terminating a relationship with a poor man or soon no matter how toxic the person is, why are you surprise it is high for her to leave the fabulous life behind, as well as someone she been with for over 10 years……its delusional to think it would be a wLk in the park to walk awaY without going through some type of emotional and spiritual suffering…… Just Saying…..

    4. Typo… Why be surprised when it is Hard for her to leave totally and not Suffer in the process of leaving…. We suffer when we leave a man or woman who has never done anything for us, but brought us baggage and drama, plus they are poor…. So don’t Judge her….. Okay. Pray she finds the Strength, the Courage and God Blesses her with the wisdom to Save herself from anyone or anything that is destroying her…. Amen.

    5. Cassie ruined her own life wasting 11 years as an arm accessory with a man who had no intention of ever marrying her or giving her a child. Puff told her he didn’t want any more children & was in no rush to get married. No talent, pretty she’s just a piece of property and a sex object.


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