Diddy Feels ‘Betrayed’ by Cassie


    diddy betrayed cassie boyfriend

    Diddy reportedly feels betrayed because the guy he hired to train Cassie and get her into shape is now smashing her!

    Cassie’s new boyfriend, Alex Fine, was hired by Diddy last year to be one of Cassie’s backup trainers.

    Diddy and Cassie broke up sometime around October 2018, but a source says Cassie started hooking up with Alex BEFORE the split.

    “[Diddy] paid Alex to train his then-girlfriend and feels betrayed. Cassie sure seems smitten with Alex. She has not ever publicly talked about a timeline, but we’re told Diddy is convinced there’s an overlap.”



    1. This nigga is the most unfaithful baby mama having devil and he feels betrayed…Karma and he has alot more coming!

    2. He don’t give a good got damn what Cassie is doing.
      I hope she put up some of that money he was throwing at her.
      I hope she learned her lesson with Puffy, he only loves himself

    3. I heard a rumor that Puff Daddy tried to force Cassie have sex with animals. I believe it. He abused her. Glad she found a way out. Diddy is the devil!

      • He’s weird… we were invited to go to his house in star island in Miami. I choose not to go because I already knew I would do something to get myself kicked out. But my homegirls did go and they described him doing some really really strange stuff in a pool with a Asian man. So I would not be surprised.

      • Back in da day puff would have THOSE type of parties……ask #45 and the die hard star every room was filled with debauchery and shenanigans with animals.

    4. This faggot was making her compliment business deals for almost 10 years then going upside her head when she dared to fight back.

      She didn’t get any money from him either- he only gives presents, so unless she’s willing to sell her Birkens etc she’s basically leaving with what she met him with.

      I’m glad she’s found her power ❤️

    5. HONEY…… Now this is the headline we needed to bring in the NEW YEAR!!!!!!! HAR DEE HA HA!!!!!!!! I needed that laugh to start the NEW YEAR right ??????? Boy is he gonna MILK this!!!!!!!!!

    6. A narcissist always flips shit around to make them out to be the victim. Diddy will never say or admit the shit he did to Cassie for years…abuse is abuse whether it’s physical emotional or verbal, cheating lies. When a woman’s feed up ain’t a dayam thing you can do about. I’m glad Cassie got her strength and self-esteem in tact to move on & never look back. He’s an evil twisted man & his day is coming.

    7. Ooooooh. So the whole point of talking about this wack chick and part time pro is to bash a rich, successful black man.

      He didn’t meet her in grad school. She chose a life of being a plaything. That doesn’t give anyone the right to abuse her though.

      Has Puff been convicted of any violence ever?

      • You missed the point. I gave examples of abuse. Didn’t say he was convicted. Even if Cassie was a plaything, he thought she would be his “Lifetime” plaything!!!!

          • You’re DUMB….

            You must be a Puffy so easily offended. When a person doesn’t want you, white/black rich/poor they move on. Someone moved on, gave you the cold shoulder, no contact….so sorry to HEAR

            HAPPY NEW YEAR NARCISSIT!!!!!!

    8. Seriously tho. No one cares about this raggedy blitch and the dumb, ugly, no zick white she’s with.

    9. “You tell your friends to get with my friends. Sh**, we could do this every weekend.”

      :puff dance: :puff bird yell:


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