Diddy Battles Guilt After Kim Porter’s Death


    diddy kim porter

    Diddy posted a photo of himself and his late ex-girlfriend, Kim Porter, along with a broken heart emoji and the caption “SMH.” One of his followers then had this to say:

    diddy kim porter regret

    You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone!


    1. Narcissistic at its finest—Diddy don’t care about no one but himself..
      He wasn’t going to marry her, their twins are 13
      Didymium needs to stop lying πŸ€₯

    2. He cheated on her so many times, left her for Jennifer Lopez. He always said that Jennifer Lopez was the one that got away and he regret not marrying her. He would have done that same that if he married her.

      • You are correct. He did leave her for J.Lo. J.Lo left him after that legal trouble and started dating Ben Affleck. Puffy got back with Kim. When “Bennifer” broke up, Puffy tried to shoot his shot to J.Lo again and put a big ass pink diamond on her hand while he was still dating Kim. J.Lo took that diamond but still didn’t get back with him. Kim was always there to take him back. I am sure he’s hurting, he has three kids with her, they are bonded for life.


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