? #Deadpool2 Stuntwoman Killed Was First African-American Female Road Racer

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Via director Deon Taylor:


First African American female Professional pro road racer!! I’m always nervous on set, when these incredible stunt drivers and stunt men and women do there jobs! They seem to never get credit.. but each and every time risk there life’s and bodies.. for this art we call film!! RIP to a dope sister… that was one of the best!!

#deadpool2 #stuntwoman #africanamericanstuntwoman gone too soon!! By the way, SJ completed this stunt 4 times, before attempting this for the 5th time and loosing her life! Wow.. so crazy!!


  1. Why did she need to do it again? She completed 4 successfully so why the need for a fifth?


    • She was trying to get a lesbian’s phone number ….. didn’t work out for her !!? (See: God)

  2. They could at least mention her accomplishment and who she is in the fucking news!

    RIP sister…

  3. God also said judge NOT lest ye be judged, asshole.

    Find something to do…instead of being mad because no BW wants your sorry ass.

  4. This is so sad. Back in 1995 a black female stuntwoman working for Angela Bassett on the movie Vampire In Brooklyn died. Message to all stuntmen and stuntwomen, be careful. If the stunt looks too dangerous, don’t do it. Your life is more important that making movies.

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